Earning Passive Income with Clucoin


Earn Clucoin Reflections by holding Clucoin

Clucoin is a hyper deflationary token built on the Safemoon protocol. Due to the unique tokenomics of Clucoin, holders of the coin may earn passive income simply by holding Clucoin in their wallets. Ten percent of all transactions are redistributed with 5% going to Clucoin holders and 5% going to the liquidity pool. By rewarding Clucoin holders with a portion of every transaction on the blockchain, Clucoin creates an atmosphere where selling is discouraged and holders are rewarded.

You may be familiar with the Einstein quote, “Compound Interest is the eighth wonder of the world. He who understands it, earns it. He who doesn’t, pays it“. In many ways the Clucoin Reflection payments are similar to compound interest. The more you hold,the more you earn. The longer you hold, the more you earn.

Perhaps one of the strongest selling points of Clucoin is the Clucoin community. When you visit the Clucoin community Discord you will immediately feel the comraderie in the group. The Discord group also features special giveaways for Clucoin holders. The group is quite interactive where members may actually participate in brainstorming ideas concerning the vision and future of Clucoin. I think this in one of the most active groups in Cryptocurrency.

Clucoin holders are also privy to benefits such as the Axie Infinity Scholarship Program. This program enables Clucoin holders to earn income through gaming with Axie Infinity without any upfront cost. The scholarship recipients simply pay a small portion of their earnings to Clucoin which goes into the Clucoin Community Wallet.

Clucoin.com really excels in “gamifying” cryptocurrency by allowing holders of Clucoin to earn NFT’s by participating in Clucoin Quests. These collectible NFT’s are limited and are likely to increase in value with the growth of Clucoin. The Clucoin.com site also enables Clucoin holders to sync their Twitch account with their Clucoin profile so that they may participate in streaming contests and giveaways.

We do not give financial advice, but I do recommend joining the Clucoin Discord and getting to know the community. You will find it to be one of the most fun and supportive communities on the internet.

Once you decide to purchase Clucoin, you may buy directly on Clucoin.com or buy on the Bitmart Exchange.

Will $HTR Hathor Become the New Polka Dot?

Hathor HTR

Hathor touches $1

Hathor $HTR published an updated roadmap for $HTR this week. The roadmap and the above interview with Cointelegraph briefly propelled the altcoin to the price of one dollar. The expected correction has Hathor currently trading in the 70 cent range. Many are comparing this altcoin to Polka Dot. During the downturn last week as many altcoins decreased in value Hathor remained strong fueling the speculation that this is one to watch.

Hathor is currently available on the Kucoin exchange.

Te-Food (TFD)Tracing by Blockchain

TFD Te Food chart

Te-Food (TFD) has enjoyed recent gains as companies become more focused on contact tracing. Te-Food is known as a “farm to table” blockchain tracing system. The company was launched in 2016 in order to provide more transparency in the supply chain.

TFD has enjoyed daily gains ranging from 8% to as much as 38%. Te-Food is currently listed on the Kucoin exchange.

Hive Ranks #9 In Most Active Blockchains

June 2 blockchain

Hive has moved up to number 9 in most active blockchains. Worth noting is the fact that Steem was always in the top 10 of most active blockchains, but has now completely dropped out of the top 10 list.

This report has added a new statistic called the Potential rating. This rating measures the ratio between blockchain activity and market cap in comparison to Bitcoin. The Potential rating for Hive is currently 1592.

Cardano Price Surges On News of Shelley Launch

Cardano up

Cardano (ADA) surged over 20% after founder, Charles Hoskinson, revealed the release date for project “Shelley” which will transform Cardano into a decentralized proof of stake network. The release date will be some time between the last day of June and the first week in July.
Cardano is an old altcoin by crypto standards. The development of Cardano began in 2015. The company raised over 60 million dollars in their ICO in 2017. The founder, Hoskinson, is also one of the founders of Ethereum.
When I first became interested in crypto, I was told to look at the teams behind the coin. A good team will eventually find their place in the right project. I’m just happy to be along for the ride.

Will Coti Become the Paypal of Crypto?

Coti Paypal

Will $Coti become the paypal of Crypto? Coti is a payment platform that enables cross chain interoperability and may be an answer to ecommerce platforms that want to accept cryptocurrency but also need a safeguard for their customers.

$Coti is currently trading in the 2 cent range. The Coti payment platform will enable cryptocurrency payments while also offering some oversight much in the way that paypal monitors their payment platform. Their goal is to maintain scalability while keeping transaction fees low. For more information visit Coti.io

The Perfect Storm for Ocean?

Ocean Protocol covid19

“To connect data owners and data consumers without middlmen being able to see or control the data via decentralized access control and data marketplaces” is listed as the mission of Ocean Protocol , OCEAN. Unlocking private data while preserving privacy is especially important when you are dealing with medical data.

ocean protocol covid 19

As the world struggles with the Covid 19 outbreak we are seeing new opportunities for blockchain projects such as Ocean Protocol. The ability to quickly provide data while maintaining the privacy of the patient has never been more important.