BAT Up 8% As Brave Browser Gains Popularity

brave browser bat

Basic Attention Token, better known as BAT enjoyed an increase of over 8%. As of today, BAT is trading at a little over 31 cents.


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BAT is the currency of the Brave Browser which has become more popular with rising privacy concerns on the internet. By using the Brave browser, you can control the number of ads you see and maintain a customized level of privacy. You will also earn BAT by using the browser.

Beyond the privacy benefits and the earning potential, I was surprised at the speed of the Brave browser. I guess all that tracking on other browsers really does slow your computer down.

Steem Jumps Another 13% As Market Turns Green

steem price up

Steem Price Jumps 13%

Steem price jumped over 13% during the past 24 hours. The price of Steem rose to over 22 cents. The market overall enjoyed a bullish streak. EOS was up over 8%. Bitcoin broke the $10,000 barrier with a rise of over 4%. Cardano is also up over 4%. BAT which is used in the Brave Browser enjoyed an increase of over 14% reaching a price of over 29 cents.

Why is BAKKT Important to Crypto Investors?


Many in the crypto community looked forward to the creation of BAKKT for years. We all heard how the mere existence of BAKKT would flood the Bitcoin market with institutional investors. In simple terms, BAKKT is a platform that offers a regulated trading environment for Bitcoin and Bitcoin futures. The platform may be used through already well known exchanges, so some of the fear of the unknown of Bitcoin is alleviated.

While the effect of BAKKT came much slower than many would have liked. I do think we are seeing a mainstreaming of Bitcoin investment from traditional institutions that we would have not seen otherwise. Remember, only a few years ago many traditional financial institutions spoke of Bitcoin as some sort of dark money from the dark web bound to be used for illicit purposes. Think about how much that has changed in just a few years.

I like to take that thought a few steeps further and imagine altcoins enjoying the same attention that Bitcoin attracts. While that may seem unlikely now, I take heart in remembering that not so long ago Bitcoin was considered some sort of scam.

Are Steempress & WordPress the Secret to New Steem Investors?

Steempress WordPress plugin

One of the biggest problems with attracting new users to cryptocurrency is demonstrating the “use factor” for the cryptocurrency. Everyone knows you can invest in any coin and hope for it to increase in value, but Steem holds an advantage in that the “use factor” is quite evident.

Steempress is a WordPress plugin that allows any blogger to monetize their site using the Steem blockchain. The plugin is brilliant in that it simplifies the entire blockchain experience. Every blogger using WordPress is familiar with the plugin system so that it one less thing to be explained. Every blogger is also struggling for an audience and monetization. The combination of Steempress and the Steem Blockchain provides both.

Steempress has also made some improvements to the plugin concerning SEO or search engine optimization. The plugin includes a delay posting feature which allows you to post on your site and set a delay for the post to be made on Steemit.

The WordPress community has millions of users. Attracting a small portion of those users to the Steempress plugin could be a natural advertisement for both Steemit and Steem. As the value of Steem increases, Steempress will become all the more valuable to bloggers.

I will be Tweeting about Steempress on Twitter in the hopes of reaching more WordPress bloggers.

The Price of Steem Breaks 20 Cents

Steem price

The price of Steem rose to over 20 cents during the last 24 hours. While I’m sure the rise in the price of Bitcoin has some effect on altcoins, I think we are seeing many return to Steem with the anticipation of the release of Smart Media Tokens.

We have also seen some details of the EOS “Voice” project which seems to indicate that Voice will not be a direct competitor of Steemit. I think this is a positive for both Steem and EOS.

TradingView & Gemini Make Well Informed Trading Easier

Gemini tradingview

TradingView is a social network which provides extensive research, analysis and charts for crypto traders. The site even allows a user to follow popular traders in the crypto space. TradingView was founded in 2011 and has developed a huge following among cryptocurrency investors.
In what appears to be a smart move, Gimini, the exchange founded by the famous Winklevoss brothers will now integrate TradingView with the Gimini exchange.

Gimini users will be able to connect their accounts to TradingView for a more informed trading environment.

Steem Price Up Again

Steem price

The price of Steem continued to rise with a 6% increase during the past 24 hours. Steem price rose as high as 18 cents before dropping back to the 17 cent range.

Is this a reaction to the up and coming Smart Media Tokens? SMT’s continue testing through the Spring, but expectations remain high among Steemians who have waited for this development for several years.