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We are always interested in new projects using blockchain technology. As you know if you follow the crypto market, information is easy to get when the market is bullish, but seems to be more difficult in a bear market.

Blockchain radio is a great source of information for new and upcoming projects. The format is 24/7 blockchain news. We are hosting the service on our site. You may also install blockchain radio on your own website.

ProximaX Blockchain Solutions For Business

ProximaX offers real time solutions to business owners who want the technology of blockchain without the expense of development. Built on the NEM network, ProximaX offers the benefits of a decentralized network by integrating blockchain protocol with off chain layers.

CEO and NEM foundation founder, Lon Wong emphasizes the fact that ProximaX is more than a storage of value coin. In fact, ProximaX is a utility coin offering multiple services to business owners. Services include the application development platform, cloud storage and streaming. ProximaX also insures flexibility as the business can use their own token or ProximaX for payment.

ProximaX enables a business to almost eliminate back office expenses by cutting out the middleman. Massive data collection is a fact of life for almost any business. Data must be entered, reconciled for regulatory reporting, and passed on to the appropriate individuals. Blockchain technology eliminates many of these steps by providing a real time audit of transaction while maintaining both transparency and security.

The data gathering capability along with smart contracts and cloud storage will change the banking industry, the real estate industry, and almost any business dealing with data on a daily basis. The ability to verify reported transactions in an instant is worth a fortune to these industries.
The applications are endless.

The ProximaX Wallet

The ProximaX Wallet offers easy access to tokens and insures a payment system which encourages mass adaption. For more information visit the ProximaX Website

@Steempress Offers 2 Way Integration for Steemit Bloggers

The Steempress WordPress plugin which connects bloggers to the Steemit blogging platform is now offering even more features. The new Steempress features include upvotes, pending rewards, comments and Steem log in on the blog interface.

Bloggers may download the Steempress WordPress plugin Steempress

For bloggers already using the Steempress plugin, you will need to go into your admin settings within your WordPress site and click the update button. The Steempress plugin will be instantly updated. The new features allow Steemit users to vote and comment on posts on your WordPress site. This feature will allow any blogger to monetize their site with the Steem blockchain. You may vote on a post, leave a comment, and vote on comments just like you do on the Steemit site. All logins are through Steem Connect, so you do not need to share your Steemit keys with the site.

Hat tip to @Steempress who has done a great job of making this plugin accessible and easy to use for bloggers.

Chintai Token Leasing Platform Launches

Chintai is a new token leasing platform which allows you to lease your EOS tokens to other users who need more CPU or bandwidth on the EOS network. Chintai empowers EOS token holders by enabling the token holder to set the terms of the lease. These terms include interest rate and the duration of each token lease.

At the moment, the lease duration runs from 7 to 28 days. As more EOS Dapp developers create projects using the EOS network, the demand for EOS tokens and their corresponding CPU and bandwidth will increase.

Chintai solves the CPU problem for developers while creating income opportunities through leasing contracts for EOS token holders.

Chintai uses Scatter for login, but plans are in place to add additional wallets in the future.

Building The Tokenpay Ecosystem

Derek Capo, CEO of Tokenpay, recently participated in a livestream where he discussed some of the recent developments with Tokenpay. You can listen to the livestream at Tokenpay Livestream

Capo went to great lengths to describe the importance of creating a strong infrastructure for Tokenpay. The primary focus is to create an entire ecosystem for Tokenpay which will make mass adaption possible on a global scale. Tokenpay recently made news when they purchased over 9% of a German bank. The bank acquisition enables Tokenpay to offer many traditional banking services such as merchant services and debit cards. The combination of traditional banking services with cryptocurrency makes Tokenpay somewhat unique in the world of cryptocurrency.

Tokenpay has also announced a new partnership with Litecoin. Litecoin is one of the few coins listed on Coinbase which enables a level of accessibility to consumers. Many new investors begin their crypto journey on Coinbase where crypto can be purchased with fiat. By partnering with Litecoin, Tokenpay is immediately exposed to a new customer base, the new crypto investor. Tokenpay has also partnered with Verge (XVG) in a deal earlier this year.
When questioned about the partnerships, Capo spoke about the cost of customer acquisition. Every customer has a cost per customer and a cost of conversion. By partnering with Litecoin and Verge, Tokenpay was able to expand their customer base instantly.

Capo also spoke of plans for a decentralized exchange. The exchange would also have some kind of affiliate system so that exchange users are rewarded for recruiting new customers.

One of the most interesting aspects of the interview was the plan to offer investment certificates. For instance, you might invest in a privacy certificate which would be a fund comprised of the top ten privacy coins. Investing in this type of fund also alleviates the fear of the extreme volatility which can be so common in the crypto world.

The all encompassing plans described by Capo make it very clear that Tokenpay is here for the long term. As many coins disappear from the market, I find the methodical building blocks of the Tokenpay ecosystem to be both reassuring and exciting to behold.

Binance CEO Projects 1 Billion in Profits for 2018

In spite of the fact that we have experienced a rather lethargic crypto market over the past 6 months, the CEO of Cryptocurrency exchange Binance expects 2018 to be a very profitable year. In a recent interview with Bloomberg, Changpeng Zhao expressed great expectations for the trading platform.

The optimism for the Binance exchange is reflected in the price of the Binance exchange coin (BNB). While the majority of coins have dropped over the past few months, (BNB) has remained steady with a price hovering around $14. Binance currently offers traders the option to pay exchange fees in (BNB) and provides a discount for using the Binance coin. Considering Binance is one of the most active exchanges in the world, the Binance coin will always enjoy a built in platform of steady users.

The CEO has projected profits of over 1 Billion dollars during the next year. The company also has plans to expand into additional markets over the next few years.

Blockchain Technology Helps Eliminate Food Waste

The Goodr app uses blockchain technology to measure food waste. The app helps companies see where and why they may be losing money. Recent reports show that consumers in the US waste billions of dollars worth of food every year.

The Goodr app was created in 2017. The app does not just measure waste, but also helps connect businesses with charity organizations which can help distribute the food to the needy.
By utilizing this surplus of food and distributing to food pantries and homeless shelters, many of the hunger problems in the US could be solved.

Blockchain technology compiles data in seconds that otherwise would have taken months to pull together.

Turn Leftover Change into Crypto at Amsterdam Airport

Every one that travels probably has small stashes of currency from other countries sitting in the bottom of a purse or drawer. These small amounts of change were never worth converting to your home currency. The Amsterdam Airport, Schipol now has a remedy for that.

The airport plans to begin a trial where passengers can exchange their loose change for cryptocurrency. The airport will place a kiosk or ATM in the main terminal. Passengers may exchange their currency for both Bitcoin and Ethereum.

The trial is expected to last about 6 months at which time more ATMs may be added to the Airport. This is just a small example of how cryptocurrecy will change everything. Digital currencies offer a convenience and mobility that fiat can not hope to match. I think in a few years, the very act of using fiat will actually seem archaic to most of the world.

“Reserve” Receives Backing from Major Players

One of the main problems with cryptocurrency is the volatility of the price. In order to be able to use cryptocurrency on an everyday basis for everyday things, you need some stability in the price. Buying groceries with crypto would be nearly impossible when the coin is up one day and down the next. For this reason a stabilized cryptocurrency has long been the goal of many in the traditional financial world.

“Reserve” may be the stabilized currency the world has been waiting for. As of now “Reserve” has received the backing of some major players in the financial world including Coinbase and Peter Thiel (founder of paypal).
While still in the developmental stage, the general idea is to have a cryptocurrency that maintains a peg which will encourage usage and give it stability. This stability could be life changing in countries where inflation has run rampant and the local currency is failing.

We expect to see some major developments with “Reserve” in the near future.

Walmart in the Energy Business?

Walmart has just filed a patent for a unique electrical grid. This is not your typical electrical grid. This is a grid which will be powered by cryptocurrency.

The purpose of the crypto grid is to better manage the consumption of energy and offer a transparency which is only possible due to the blockchain. Devices on the network will have a specific allotment to purchase energy with cryptocurrency. Devices on the network may share funds so that other devices have the required amount of cryptocurrency for the power needed.

Walmart filed the patent in the last months of 2017. The decentralization of the energy sector would be a tremendous feat if Walmart can achieve it. Walmart has been quite aggressive in filing patents pertaining to new blockchain technology. One of the patents is called a “Smart Package Patent” which would record a customer’s purchases. Walmart has also explored putting food on the blockchain to keep track of consumption and improve safety in cases of food recalls. Instead of a recall taking days to enact, blockchain technology could accomplish this in a matter of hours.

We are bound to see more applications for the blockchain technology as big business enters the cryptocurrency market.