Steem Price Jumps 17%

The price of Steem jumped over 17% based on the rumor that Justin Sun of Tron (TRX) had offered to buy Steemit. At this point the buyout is only a rumor, but that did not stop the price of Steem from rising over 17%. The price has stabilized to an approximate 10% gain as the rumor has not been confirmed.

Steemit sale

The Steemit platform is a unique blogging platform that is full of crypto savvy bloggers who use the blockchain to post content for pay. Bloggers are paid in Steem which can then be sold or used to “power up” their Steem account.

Justin Sun has both a strong social media presence and an active community. The combination of this community with the Steemit community could be an interesting dynamic in the crypto world.

Bank Loans for The Blockchain

blockchain bank

Bankera has announced a new lending solution for cryptocurrency holders. Bankera loans will offer flexible loans backed by cryptocurrency. The move is a welcome addition for the many crypto holders who need liquidity but do not want to sell their position in the volatile crypto market.
By using their cryptocurrency as collateral, investors can secure financing quickly and securely.

As block chain technology becomes more common, we will see a host of services offered for holders of cryptocurrency.

How To Use Money Button

Money Button is a wallet that runs on the Bitcoin SV (BSV) Blockchain. Money Button is great for peer to peer payments and may be used for anything from tipping to ecommerce.

If Money Button had a theme it would be simplicity. Even beginners can access tools which make it possible to program a money button to place on their site or in their social media feeds.

For more advanced users, Money Button offers some advanced user tools which enable a developer to build games and apps which are run with Bitcoin.

Some examples of these apps include Bitstagram and Bitpaste.

Bitcoin SV (BSV) has also enjoyed a nice price increase as more people discover the many uses for Money Button.
BSV price

Twetch: The New Crypto Twitter

I think the best description of the new platform, Twetch is what I call Crypto Twitter. The platform operates in a similar way to Twitter but it is monetized with Bitcoin SV.

The platform is unique in that you not only can earn Bitcoin SV, but you also pay to follow, post and comment. You must open a Money Button account and deposit Bitcoin SV to get started on Twetch. As of now the cost in dollars to follow someone is 10 cents. You also have the option to post, comment, and like a post for a price of 4 to 8 cents.

The fact that you must pay to post cuts down on spam dramatically. As you develop a following you will also receive payments from likes and follows. The platform is very new, but I find it quite fascinating that users will actually pay to post. I’ve only been on the site for a few days, but I’ve received payments for likes and follows. I can see that developing a following on Twetch could become lucrative at some point, but for now I’ve enjoyed being part of the Beta testing.
For more information on Twetch, visit their Twitter page for the latest news.

Capacity Utilization Index of Most Active Cryptocurrencies

Everyone knows the ability to scale is one of the most important factors for a cryptocurrency. The CUI or Capacity Utilization Index gives us a clear picture of which cryptos have the capacity to scale. In simple terms, CUI is a ratio of how many transactions have occurred during a day and how much blockchain capacity is left.

As you can see in the table below, EOS has the most transactions while using 32.74% of the blockchain’s capacity. TRX has the second most transactions, but is using only 1.06% of it’s capacity. KIN is number three and is using 10.77 % of capacity. Steem has the fourth most transactions, but is only using .08% of blockchain’s capacity.

While Bitcoin is number five in the number of transactions, Bitcoin is using 89.95% of blockchain capacity to conduct these transactions.
As more and more people use cryptocurrency, the abilbity to scale will become all the more important. Without scalebility, transaction times and confirmation will be too slow for day to day use.

Tune in to Blockchain Radio

We are always interested in new projects using blockchain technology. As you know if you follow the crypto market, information is easy to get when the market is bullish, but seems to be more difficult in a bear market.

Blockchain radio is a great source of information for new and upcoming projects. The format is 24/7 blockchain news. We are hosting the service on our site. You may also install blockchain radio on your own website.

ProximaX Blockchain Solutions For Business

ProximaX offers real time solutions to business owners who want the technology of blockchain without the expense of development. Built on the NEM network, ProximaX offers the benefits of a decentralized network by integrating blockchain protocol with off chain layers.

CEO and NEM foundation founder, Lon Wong emphasizes the fact that ProximaX is more than a storage of value coin. In fact, ProximaX is a utility coin offering multiple services to business owners. Services include the application development platform, cloud storage and streaming. ProximaX also insures flexibility as the business can use their own token or ProximaX for payment.

ProximaX enables a business to almost eliminate back office expenses by cutting out the middleman. Massive data collection is a fact of life for almost any business. Data must be entered, reconciled for regulatory reporting, and passed on to the appropriate individuals. Blockchain technology eliminates many of these steps by providing a real time audit of transaction while maintaining both transparency and security.

The data gathering capability along with smart contracts and cloud storage will change the banking industry, the real estate industry, and almost any business dealing with data on a daily basis. The ability to verify reported transactions in an instant is worth a fortune to these industries.
The applications are endless.

The ProximaX Wallet

The ProximaX Wallet offers easy access to tokens and insures a payment system which encourages mass adaption. For more information visit the ProximaX Website

@Steempress Offers 2 Way Integration for Steemit Bloggers

The Steempress WordPress plugin which connects bloggers to the Steemit blogging platform is now offering even more features. The new Steempress features include upvotes, pending rewards, comments and Steem log in on the blog interface.

Bloggers may download the Steempress WordPress plugin Steempress

For bloggers already using the Steempress plugin, you will need to go into your admin settings within your WordPress site and click the update button. The Steempress plugin will be instantly updated. The new features allow Steemit users to vote and comment on posts on your WordPress site. This feature will allow any blogger to monetize their site with the Steem blockchain. You may vote on a post, leave a comment, and vote on comments just like you do on the Steemit site. All logins are through Steem Connect, so you do not need to share your Steemit keys with the site.

Hat tip to @Steempress who has done a great job of making this plugin accessible and easy to use for bloggers.

Chintai Token Leasing Platform Launches

Chintai is a new token leasing platform which allows you to lease your EOS tokens to other users who need more CPU or bandwidth on the EOS network. Chintai empowers EOS token holders by enabling the token holder to set the terms of the lease. These terms include interest rate and the duration of each token lease.

At the moment, the lease duration runs from 7 to 28 days. As more EOS Dapp developers create projects using the EOS network, the demand for EOS tokens and their corresponding CPU and bandwidth will increase.

Chintai solves the CPU problem for developers while creating income opportunities through leasing contracts for EOS token holders.

Chintai uses Scatter for login, but plans are in place to add additional wallets in the future.