JP Morgan Chase Welcome Cryptocurrency Companies

jp Morgan Bitcoin

JP Morgan Chase is reportedly now accepting clients involved in cryptocurrency. Chase has been a vocal critic of both Bitcoin and cryptocurrency for years. Many suspected that they were quietly investing in Bitcoin while discrediting the currency in public statements. I remember when Chase actually penalized customers with fees when they used a Chase debit to purchase Bitcoin.

Coinbase has reportedly become a Chase customer. By embracing such a high profile cryptocurrency business, Chase seems to be sending a welcome message to future cryptocurrency investment.

Bankera: The Alternative Bank


Bankera offers an alternative to your traditional bank. Opening an account on Bankera can be done online from any remote location. Customers can receive and send funds via SEPA and SWIFT transfers. Funds may also be transferred from cryptocurrency exchanges. The entirely digital experience allows the consumer to have all the services of a traditional bank. While Bankera does not have traditional tellers, live help is available 24 hours a day.

EthLend and Salt: The Lenders that May Replace Your Bank

We all know the most successful businesses are the ones that solve a problem. If you have traded crypto for more than a day, you know that you will do without just about anything to enable you to hold (hodl in crypto slang) your coins as the price increases. Unfortunately, life gets in the way and sometimes you need a little fiat to pay the bills.
Ethlend and Salt have different approaches to the same problem, but they both enable you to borrow fiat (dollars) and use your coins as collateral. This approach allows you to increase your cash flow without losing the opportunity to benefit from the massive gains that can be possible in the growing cryptocurrency market. As they say in Crypto…..Hodl, Hodl!