Top Steem Dapps

steem dapps

This list of some of the top Steem decentralized apps or dapps is a testament to the diversity of the Steem blockchain. Many Steemians only use Steemit and are not aware of the many dapps which offer endless potential and opportunities for Steem investors.
As Smart Media Tokens come into play, we will be looking at a complete ecosystem of Steem based projects. Imagine hundreds or even thousands of projects that have one thing in common. They all require Steem. Not only might we see the price of Steem increase, but the many opportunities to earn Steem may result in multiple opportunities to earn income by playing games, providing content and other simple tasks.
I think we are only just beginning to see the potential of Steem.

EOS Accounts for Over 6% of All Blockchain Activity Surpassing Bitcoin

During the last 7 days EOS accounts for 6.5% of all blockchain activity. EOS surpassed Bitcoin in blockchain activity in less than a month. The most active cryptocurrecy for the last 7 days is Steem with 36.1%. Bitshares is in second place with 30.6%. Ethereum is in 3rd place with 16.4%. Bitcoin holds steady with 5%. All remaining currencies combined are at 5.5%.

The most interesting thing about these figures is that the Blockchains of Dan Larimer, EOS, Steem, and Bitshares, account for over 72% of all blockchain activity. My question is, “When will the world notice and what happens when it does?” Many speculate that EOS will upstage Ethereum in the near future. As the usage of these altcoins increases, when does the price of Bitcoin become less important to the overall crypto market? I think we will see a decoupling of Bitcoin from the altcoin market in the near future.

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Bitshares Sets Record for Number of Transactions

Bitshares has set a record for the number of transactions over the past 24 hours. Bitshares escalated to over 4 million transactions which makes it the number one cryptocurrency by number of transactions.

Steem is number two with over 1,200,000 transactions. In the past, Steem has always been number one for transactions.

Ethereum is number 3 with over 700,000 transactions.

As we see EOS increase in transaction number, we are beginning to see a dominance in the blockchain activity in which Steem, Bitshares, and EOS make up a vast percentage of all blockchain activity.

EOS Surpasses Bitcoin in Number of Transactions

For the first time, EOS has surpassed Bitcoin in number of transactions. This activity represents the number of blockchain transactions over the last 24 hours.

EOS currently maintains a level of a little over 280,000 transactions while Bitcoin reports just 186,000 transactions.

Both Steem and Bitshares are among the most active coins ranking number one and number 2 respectively. Both have over 1 million transactions. Ethereum is in third place with over 750,000 transactions.

The remaining ten coins with the most transactions are ETC, Golos, Doge, Litecoin, and Dash.

Considering EOS has only just been released, ranking number four in number of transactions is quite impressive.

Coinbase Launches Cryptocurrency Index

As interest in cryptocurrency has grown investors are increasingly looking for a safe way to invest in the rather unpredictable market of cryptocurrency coins. Coinbase has recently launched a cryptocurrency index.
At the moment the index includes Ethereum, Bitcoin, Bitcoin cash, and litecoin. Coinbase has just added Ethereum Classic to their platform, so this will also be added to the index fund.

The fund will most likely attract institutional money which heretofore has been lacking in the cryptocurrency market. Many think the introduction of institutional money to the market will cause the market to explode. The index introduced by Coinbase requires a minimum investment of $250,000. The maximum investment is twenty million dollars. Coinbase will charge a 2 percent fee.

As exchanges add the ability to buy crypto with fiat, Coinbase will be less important as an introduction to Bitcoin and other coins. Coinbase plans to offer more banking services in the future. The index fund is the first of many innovations at Coinbase.

Santander Bank Launches Blockchain Payments App with Ripple

Santander Bank has launched OnePay FX, the first blockchain banking payments app. The app is the first of it’s kind used by a major bank and will be powered by Ripple. The payment app will be available in just 4 countries for the next few months. The payments app will be featured in the UK, Spain, Poland, and Brazil with plans to expand in the near future.

Some of the benefits of the new Smartphone app include easy cross border payments, quick confirmations, and low cost fees. Even cross border transaction will be instantly available with very low fees. Many crypto enthusiast are not fans of Ripple. The fact that Ripple has been called the “banks crypto” may be seen as a plus or a minus. Most crypto investors do not see Ripple as a decentralized currency due to the influence of the banks. “If a bank can control your crypto, what’s the point?” is a common refrain. Another point of view is that the partnerships with multiple banks will give Ripple a distribution edge which will make it a top cryptocurrency.