Building The Tokenpay Ecosystem

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Derek Capo, CEO of Tokenpay, recently participated in a livestream where he discussed some of the recent developments with Tokenpay. You can listen to the livestream at Tokenpay Livestream

Capo went to great lengths to describe the importance of creating a strong infrastructure for Tokenpay. The primary focus is to create an entire ecosystem for Tokenpay which will make mass adaption possible on a global scale. Tokenpay recently made news when they purchased over 9% of a German bank. The bank acquisition enables Tokenpay to offer many traditional banking services such as merchant services and debit cards. The combination of traditional banking services with cryptocurrency makes Tokenpay somewhat unique in the world of cryptocurrency.

Tokenpay has also announced a new partnership with Litecoin. Litecoin is one of the few coins listed on Coinbase which enables a level of accessibility to consumers. Many new investors begin their crypto journey on Coinbase where crypto can be purchased with fiat. By partnering with Litecoin, Tokenpay is immediately exposed to a new customer base, the new crypto investor. Tokenpay has also partnered with Verge (XVG) in a deal earlier this year.
When questioned about the partnerships, Capo spoke about the cost of customer acquisition. Every customer has a cost per customer and a cost of conversion. By partnering with Litecoin and Verge, Tokenpay was able to expand their customer base instantly.

Capo also spoke of plans for a decentralized exchange. The exchange would also have some kind of affiliate system so that exchange users are rewarded for recruiting new customers.

One of the most interesting aspects of the interview was the plan to offer investment certificates. For instance, you might invest in a privacy certificate which would be a fund comprised of the top ten privacy coins. Investing in this type of fund also alleviates the fear of the extreme volatility which can be so common in the crypto world.

The all encompassing plans described by Capo make it very clear that Tokenpay is here for the long term. As many coins disappear from the market, I find the methodical building blocks of the Tokenpay ecosystem to be both reassuring and exciting to behold.

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