Brave Begins Trial Ad Revenue Program: Earn Up to 70%

Brave browser is an open source software which removes the middle man for ad revenue. The Brave browser has many benefits. The browser is exceptionally fast in loading. Brave also gives you the option to block ads. When and if you choose to view ads, you will be paid for doing so. Payment is made in (BAT) Basic Attention Tokens. Users of the Brave browser all eligible for up to 70% of all ad revenue when they agree to view ads.


Earn BAT cryptocurrency

This ad revenue sharing plan will certainly disrupt your typical advertising programs like Google ads. The Brave browser puts you in charge of viewing or blocking ads.

You can use Brave on a PC or on your phone.

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Binance Introduces Fiat to Crypto

Binance will add Fiat to crypto trading pairs

Binance, one of the most popular Cryptocurrency exchanges in the world, has plans to enable their customers to buy Cryptocurrency directly with fiat currency. The complicated process of buying cryptocurrency has been an obstacle for many potential investors. Instead of buying a currency like Steem directly, one must purchase Bitcoin or Ethereum first through companies like Coinbase. Once the Bitcoin is purchased, it must then be moved to an exchange to buy Steem or whatever cryptocurrency is desired. Throughout the entire process, the customer is paying fees and experiencing long delays before they can even begin to purchase the coin they are interested in. Recent moves by Binance may change this entire process.

Binance has moved their operations to Malta which is fast becoming one of the most “Crypto friendly” regions in the world. Originally headquartered in Hong Kong, Binance had major concerns over the often unpredictable regulations imposed on Bitcoin and the cryptocurrency markets by China.

Binance is working with local banks in Malta to set up fiat to crypto trading pairs. This action will enable investors to buy cryptocurrency directly with US dollars or Euros without having to go through Bitcoin first. The ability to buy directly with fiat is sure to bring in many investors as the entire process will be so much easier.

This development will be a welcome change to many who have experienced less than stellar treatment from the banking establishment. Early 2018 saw many banks ban credit card purchases of cryptocurrency. Some banks even imposed significant fees for debit card transactions as well. Coinbase also had a problem with merchant services double charging customers for many transactions.

The ability to buy cryptocurrency with fiat dollars and Euros will completely change the landscape of cryptocurrency investing. Get ready, Crypto is going mainstream whether the banks like it or not.

What is A Masternode Coin?

What is a masternode? Masternode coins fulfill a specific function. Node owners are rewarded for staking a particular amount of a specific coin. The amount of coins required for a node may vary depending on the coin. Masternode coins may be quite lucrative because once the required coins are acquired and the node is set up, the user is rewarded with additional coins every month. As the coin grows in value, many of these masternodes may offer a significant monthly income. Dash coin was one of the first masternodes to explode in price which caused other Masternode coins to be more sought after than ever.

Even if you do not plan to set up your own node, you may still profit buy purchasing masternode coins in the early stages of development and holding your investment. COLX is a masternode which has recently increased in price by over 190% , but is still selling below 1 cent.

Bismuth is another masternode mentioned in the video. The fact that Bismuth is already trading over $2 while not yet being listed on any major exchange is significant. Once coins are listed on a major exchange, the price often increases based on easier access for major traders.

The ability to earn income on masternode coins make these coins some of the most popular investments in the crypto world.

Masternodes Online offers an extensive list of Masternode coins. The information included includes cost of the masternode, number of coins required to set up the node, and the current return on investment. This information will help you make a better informed decision when purchasing your coins.

Bitshares and Steem Account for Over 67% of All Blockchain Activity

Investors looking for new opportunities in blockchain technology and cryptocurrency should start by researching Dan Larimer. Dan is responsible for the creation of both Steem and Bitshares. These two currencies account for over 67% of all global blockchain activity. Bitcoin and Ethereum are also in the top 4 of the most active currencies.

Steem is the most active currency with 47.6% of all activity. The popular Ethereum makes up 20% of all activity which equals the global activity of Bitshares which is also 20%. Despite Bitcoin being the most well known cryptocurrency, Bitcoin activity accounts for a mere 5.2% of global activity. Steem and Bitshares are both considered altcoins. Many new investors have never heard of altcoins, but the potential for growth may be tremendous in these coins. Compare the market cap of Bitcoin with Bitshares and Steem in the chart below to get an idea of the growth potential embodied by these two coins. Surprisingly, all other cryptocurriencies combined account for only a little over 7% of all blockchain technology.

As if Steem and Bitshares were not reason enough to invest in Dan Larimer, his current project, EOS is easily the most talked about new currency in the crypto world. The EOS ICO has received tremendous attention due to Larimer’s earlier successes. You may read more about Dan Larimer here

The Price of Bitcoin: What Does It Mean?

The much touted crash of Bitcoin deserves a bit of perspective. We have compiled a list of some of the most popular cryptocurrencies including several altcoins which we are invested in. The altcoins tend to follow Bitcoin which means the recent crash of Bitcoin has also caused many of the altcoins to crash.

Below you can see the current price of each coin followed by the historical price of each coin from 1 year ago.
At the time of this printing, the gains made by these coins even with the recent crash are quite impressive. If we were talking about the stock market these kind of gains would be almost unheard of.

The historical chart for Bitshares is from the spring because the coin was worth less than 1 cent as of a year ago. The current prices are from a live feed, so it will be interesting to see how these coins fare in a few weeks.

EthLend and Salt: The Lenders that May Replace Your Bank

We all know the most successful businesses are the ones that solve a problem. If you have traded crypto for more than a day, you know that you will do without just about anything to enable you to hold (hodl in crypto slang) your coins as the price increases. Unfortunately, life gets in the way and sometimes you need a little fiat to pay the bills.
Ethlend and Salt have different approaches to the same problem, but they both enable you to borrow fiat (dollars) and use your coins as collateral. This approach allows you to increase your cash flow without losing the opportunity to benefit from the massive gains that can be possible in the growing cryptocurrency market. As they say in Crypto…..Hodl, Hodl!

Haejin Lee Charts A Favorite Crypto: Can Bitshares Make You a Millionaire?

If you are not familiar with Haejin Lee, you should be. He has amassed a devoted following on multiple media platforms with his cryptocurrency charts and predictions. In this video, Haejin talks about one of our favorites, Bitshares. At the time of this video a few months ago, Bitshares was selling for 5 cents. Today, Bitshares has reached 85 cents. Haejin shows the charts and makes the case for Bitshares reaching a price of over $300.

Bitshares is one of the most used cryptos on the market. The very popular decentralized trading platform uses Bitshares. The creator of Bitshares is no stranger to Blockchain technology. Dan Larimer also created the successful currency Steem and is currently in the middle of a year long ICO for EOS. EOS has been touted as the next wave in the revolutionary blockchain industry. Bitshares may also gain from the popularity of EOS. Currently Bitshares is one of the few currencies that can handle a large volume of transactions without delays and large fees. With the increasing Bitcoin fees and more buyers entering the Crypto market, Bitshares may prove to be the answer to the problem that starts with Bitcoin fees and ends with long wait times for confirmations of receipt.

Verge XVG Expected to Rise with Introduction to Wraith Protocol

The release of the Wraith Protocol has been promised before and has yet to happen. That being said, keep in mind we are experiencing a new frontier in technology, so as the video said, perhaps we should consider that when holding a development team to a particular agenda and timeline.

The Verge Discord group is a great source of information for Verge privacy coin.

Top Altcoins for Pennies…Altcoins Under $1


Many of the Altcoins are available for less than a penny and even more are available for less than a dollar. Cryptopia is a smaller exchange where many of these cheaper altcoins may be found. Once the coins gain some traction and become available on the larger exchanges like Bittrex, they often enjoy an immediate price increase, so there is some advantage to finding these alts before they are available on the larger exchanges.

Yobit is another exchange which has many coins trading for as low as 1 satoshi. You may get lucky here and invest in a coin during the early stages. I have found, however, that you must be careful on this exchange. I recently had a coin which I have been unable to withdraw because the wallet is constantly “under maintenance”. I have seen other traders with the same complaint. Their advice was to purchase tiny amounts initially in order to concern there are no problems with the wallet. This may be risky and not worthwhile, but occasionally you will have an opportunity to invest in a really potentially great coin for 1 satoshi.

I have done this a few times and was able to withdraw the coin which eventually turned a nice profit. I do. however wish I had known about the withdrawal problem before trading on the Yobit Exchange. This is just my personal experience with this exchange. I prefer Cryptopia if the altcoin is available for purchase there.

You can always see where the coin is available for purchase on Click on the markets button and a list of exchanges will be displayed. You will also see a list of pairings showing you whether you need Bitcoin to buy the altcoin, or if you can buy with Litecoin or Ethereum. This is important because the Bitcoin fees have become so high that it may prove to be cost prohibitive for smaller investments. The Litecoin fees are usually much lower. When Litecoin is an alternative, you may purchase Litecoin at Coinbase and simply transfer it to your wallet on exchanges like Cryptopia.

ColossusCoinXT (COLX) Privacy Coin with Possibilities. The Next Verge??

Privacy coins are getting quite a bit of attention these days. Coins like (PIVX) have enjoyed tremendous gains during the last few months. Several thoughts about COLX:

1. Privacy Coins tend to be very popular

2. This coin is currently trading below 1/2 cent

3. At the moment, COLX is available on 2 small exchanges. The social media claims that a listing on Cryptopia could be coming soon. As most know, when a coin hits the larger exchanges it may enjoy a significant gain in price. (The fact that COLX coin has enjoyed a tremendous rise while only being listed on 2 small exchanges may be significant.)
4. This is also a staking coin

5. The coin has been compared to PIVX, but keep in mind that COLX has a much larger available supply which may keep the price lower than PIVX.

6. I have also heard COLX being compared to Verge coin which is currently trading at 15 cents.

We are keeping an eye on the price here