Earn Steem with Product Reviews on Steemhunt.com

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Steemhunt.com is a new product review site which runs on the Steem blockchain. Reviewers upload
the latest products in categories which might include Smart technology, Artificial intelligence, and
decentralized apps. Steemhunt is an intriguing site which displays the daily picks of some of the most cutting edge products currently available on the internet.

You may find recent Kickstarter products, but the products must be currently available to be purchased in order to be eligible for listing on Steemhunt.com You may not include links to common ecommerce sites like Amazon or Best Buy. These criteria truly inspire what Steemhunt regulars refer to as “The Hunt”. Once your chosen product is listed and approved by a team of moderators, your post is eligible for an upvote which in turns earns you cryptocurrency.

Several types of upvotes are possible on Steemhunt. You have the standard upvote from other Steemit users which works just like the Steemit.com site. Steemhunt also votes with varying strength determined by a ranking system. Some items in particular categories are also eligible for votes from Utopia. A recent first place winner actually received a vote of over 200 Steem for one item. The possibility of these types of rewards make the site both exciting and competitive.

You need a Steemit.com account in order to use the site. You may use Steem Connector for logins in order to keep your Steem passwords safe.

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The Future of Business Using Blockchain Technology

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