EOS Accounts for Over 6% of All Blockchain Activity Surpassing Bitcoin

During the last 7 days EOS accounts for 6.5% of all blockchain activity. EOS surpassed Bitcoin in blockchain activity in less than a month. The most active cryptocurrecy for the last 7 days is Steem with 36.1%. Bitshares is in second place with 30.6%. Ethereum is in 3rd place with 16.4%. Bitcoin holds steady with 5%. All remaining currencies combined are at 5.5%.

The most interesting thing about these figures is that the Blockchains of Dan Larimer, EOS, Steem, and Bitshares, account for over 72% of all blockchain activity. My question is, “When will the world notice and what happens when it does?” Many speculate that EOS will upstage Ethereum in the near future. As the usage of these altcoins increases, when does the price of Bitcoin become less important to the overall crypto market? I think we will see a decoupling of Bitcoin from the altcoin market in the near future.

Will Dlike Be The Pinterest of Steem?

Dlike is a new decentralized app on the Steem Blockchain. Dlike is similar to Pinterest. You need a Steemit account to log into the site. You can log in by using Steemconnect so that your password remains safe.

Once you are logged into the site, you simply share links to your favorite sites. These links may include news articles, recipes, and photographs. Your Dlikes may receive upvotes just like a Steemit post. The site is like doing Pinterest while earning Steem cryptocurrency.

Everyday we are seeing new decentralized apps (Dapps) added to the Steem blockchain. The opportunities to earn Steem have never been greater.

How Steem Could Hit a $500 Billion Valuation

Stephen Kendal compares Steemit to Facebook. Kendal explains why a future 500 billion dollar valuation of Steemit is quite possible. As a new generation of investors pour more money into the crypto market, will stock certificates be replaced with cryptocurrency?

We are already seeing the ecosystem of Steem expand. Every week we are seeing new dapps developed for the Steem Blockchain. Whether we are posting on Dtube, Dsound, Tasteem, or any other decentralized app, we are still a part of the Steem ecosystem. As we watch Steemit add various communities and niches, Facebook seems like a very stagnant socoal network. The ever changing nature of Steemit makes the Steemit community all the more exciting as we watch our once small community grow.

Earning Hunt Tokens on Steemhunt

SteemHunt is a new product review site which runs on the Steem blockchain. You can earn Steem rewards for finding the most unique and innovative products on the market. The winning products are chosen by the Steemhunt users. Steemhunt has a one vote system that is determined by Steemit reputation as opposed to Steempower.

Another perk of contributing content on Steemhunt is the ability to earn the Hunt token. Hunt is the Smart token
for Steemhunt. You may delegate Steempower and earn Hunt tokens every week. You may also earn Hunt tokens for voting on Steemhunt product reviews.

Steemhunt now has a wallet feature within the Steemhunt profile page. The wallet will show how many Hunt tokens you have earned each week.

You may log into SteemHunt with Steemconnector here.

What is The Future of the Steem Backed Dollar (SBD)

What is the future of the Steem Backed Dollar (SBD)? During the early days of Steemit, the SBD was supposed to be pegged to the dollar. As a result the Steem Backed Dollar was often used as a port in the storm of a very volatile cryptocurrency market.

As a bear market approached, many investors would invest in SBD in order to stay in crypto, but at the same time enjoy a safe haven from the otherwise volatile market. As these investore grew in number we watched SBD hit unprecedented highs. The Steem Backed Dollar reached a high of almost $20 at one point. While this may seem like a good thing, this made SBD just another volatile cryptocurrency.

We have now seen SBD correct to lower levels, but will it last? More importantly, is it better for the price of Steem for the Steem backed dollar to remain low? This question seems to depend on whom you are asking. We are even seeing some discussion of getting rid of SBD altogether.

Steemit has enjoyed tremendous growth during the last year so it is only natural for Steem and SBD to undergo some changes.

How To Earn More Steem Through Delegation

Once you have acquired some Steem, you will probably do like most people on Steemit and power up with Steem power.
Your Steem power is what determines the value of your vote on Steemit. For the first year of Steemit, most people with Steem power used it to vote up content on Steemit.

Once Steem power delegation became available, more Steemit users began to delegate their Steem power to various new Steem platforms and services like voting bots. You can delegate your Steem power and earn a return on your delegation. The return on your investment will vary depending on which project you are delegating to. In essence, you are only loaning your Steem power out for a return, but the Steem is still in your possession.

The delegation button may be found in the Wallet section of your Steem account. Once you delegate Steempower, you will see a record of the amount of the delegation. The amount with the minus sign indicates the delegation amount. One of the best things about delegating power is that you may cancel the delegation at any time. Your Steem power will take 1 week to be released back to your own account. Delegation allows you to engage and support many of the Steem platforms and projects without making a long term commitment. You may also delegate to more than one project at a time.

The returns for delegating can be quite lucrative. Delegation is a great way to grow your Steem power while exploring the many platforms of Steemit.

How Steemit is Growing and What that Means for Us

During the “old Days” of Steemit.com, posting on Steemit was much simpler. We really didn’t have that many options. You wrote a post and shared it in the hopes that someone would vote you up. You voted until your voting power was too low and interacted as much as possible with your fellow Steemit posters. This was barely 2 years ago and we have seen dramatic changes. Obviously the price has increased considerably which makes it more beneficial to post. The use of bots has skyrocketed and the interaction has diminished somewhat.

First of all, so many people are delegating their Steempower to either bots or new Steem projects. We also have a multitude of platforms to post on and enjoy.

A typical day might include posting a video on Dtube, updating your podcast on dsound, and searching for the coolest products on Steemhunt. You may share a meme with your followers on Dmania and livestream a video game on Dlive. You can share a few thoughts on Zappl, add a photo to Steepshot, and write a quick post on Busy. You may need to check out the latest development updates on Utopia as well.

To relax, you might try to win a little Steem by playing the Steem based Super Eight Ball on your Android device and then share the results using your Esteem app.

After you’ve completed all of these activities, you need to share them on your Blog which uses Steempress to automatically post to Steemit from your WordPress blog.

I share this imaginary day to make the point of “Wow, look how much we have grown!” When you take the time to explore all of the new decentralized apps on the Steem blockchain, the sheer number of available activities based on Steem is quite astounding.

I’m certain I have left some new platforms out, so please add them in the comments. In short, in spite of many ups and downs, We have come a long way! This is just the beginning.

Earn Steem with Product Reviews on Steemhunt.com

Join the Hunt!

Steemhunt.com is a new product review site which runs on the Steem blockchain. Reviewers upload
the latest products in categories which might include Smart technology, Artificial intelligence, and
decentralized apps. Steemhunt is an intriguing site which displays the daily picks of some of the most cutting edge products currently available on the internet.

You may find recent Kickstarter products, but the products must be currently available to be purchased in order to be eligible for listing on Steemhunt.com You may not include links to common ecommerce sites like Amazon or Best Buy. These criteria truly inspire what Steemhunt regulars refer to as “The Hunt”. Once your chosen product is listed and approved by a team of moderators, your post is eligible for an upvote which in turns earns you cryptocurrency.

Several types of upvotes are possible on Steemhunt. You have the standard upvote from other Steemit users which works just like the Steemit.com site. Steemhunt also votes with varying strength determined by a ranking system. Some items in particular categories are also eligible for votes from Utopia. A recent first place winner actually received a vote of over 200 Steem for one item. The possibility of these types of rewards make the site both exciting and competitive.

You need a Steemit.com account in order to use the site. You may use Steem Connector for logins in order to keep your Steem passwords safe.

Visit Steemhunt.com for more details

Steempress Introduces WordPress Bloggers to Steemit

The Steem ecosystem has expanded once again with the introduction of Steempress.

Steempress WordPress plugin is a free plugin for WordPress bloggers which enables them to instantly post their website content to Steemit.com directly from their website. The Steempress plugin is easy to use. Once you have downloaded the plugin, simply upload it to your WordPress blog and activate it. You will be prompted to enter your Steemit user name and private posting key. You make find your private posting key under “permissions” in your Steemit wallet.

Once the plugin is installed, you have the option to choose simultaneous posting on Steemit or you may
schedule the post for a later time. WordPress is the most popular blogging platform on the internet. Millions of content creators use WordPress for their blog. The integration of the Steempress plugin into the WordPress community has the potential to attract millions of WordPress users to Steemit. The great thing about these new Steemians is the fact that they are already content producers which probably have their own following.
We may see a large influx of new users to Steemit due to the huge exposure to the WordPress community.

We are witnessing an explosion in the Steem ecosystem. We have seen Dtube, Dlive, and Dsound enjoy tremendous growth over the past few months. Sites like Dmania.lol and Steemhunt.com have also developed niche following in the course of a few months. As the Steem ecosystem grows, Steem will be used more and more. All of these developments can only be beneficial to the price of Steem. I think we are entering an exciting time for Steemit.

You may download

the Steempress plugin here.

Bitshares and Steem Account for Over 67% of All Blockchain Activity

Investors looking for new opportunities in blockchain technology and cryptocurrency should start by researching Dan Larimer. Dan is responsible for the creation of both Steem and Bitshares. These two currencies account for over 67% of all global blockchain activity. Bitcoin and Ethereum are also in the top 4 of the most active currencies.

Steem is the most active currency with 47.6% of all activity. The popular Ethereum makes up 20% of all activity which equals the global activity of Bitshares which is also 20%. Despite Bitcoin being the most well known cryptocurrency, Bitcoin activity accounts for a mere 5.2% of global activity. Steem and Bitshares are both considered altcoins. Many new investors have never heard of altcoins, but the potential for growth may be tremendous in these coins. Compare the market cap of Bitcoin with Bitshares and Steem in the chart below to get an idea of the growth potential embodied by these two coins. Surprisingly, all other cryptocurriencies combined account for only a little over 7% of all blockchain technology.

As if Steem and Bitshares were not reason enough to invest in Dan Larimer, his current project, EOS is easily the most talked about new currency in the crypto world. The EOS ICO has received tremendous attention due to Larimer’s earlier successes. You may read more about Dan Larimer here