Did Peter Schiff Just Forget His Bitcoin Wallet Password?

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Saying Peter Schiff is no fan of Bitcoin is a bit of an understatement. Peter has made his disdain for Bitcoin known on Twitter and other social media venues. As if the “Bitcoin gods” have heard, Peter is now having a problem with his Bitcoin Wallet password. He swears he remembers the password and that the fault falls entirely on the “technology of Bitcoin”.

Twitter users were ridiculing Schiff for admitting his password was one he used on many other sites and Twitter continued to revel in his misfortune. The phrase “OK Boomer” seemed to sum up the attitude of most crypto enthusiast who took to Twitter to defend Bitcoin.

Like an Angel from above, the folks from Blockchain.com (the Wallet Schiff was using) used Twitter to inform Mr. Schiff that his funds were intact and that they would be contacting him via private message to remedy the situation.

In all fairness, we can all relate to Schiff. Who has not had a moment of terror over forgotten passwords or misplaced keys? Adding a note of irony, Schiff may have just provided Blockchain.com with the best advertising money can buy.

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