Earn Amazon Gift Cards: Free Sign Up

Free Sign up

We all use gift cards for everything from coffee to Uber rides. so finding a deal on gift cards is something everyone can appreciate. I signed up for this Giftcard Company and completed a simple profile including name and birthday. This simple act earned enough points for a $10 discount off of a $25 card. You must use the email address that you use for your Amazon account because all payments are processed through Amazon Pay. You can even log in with your Amazon account.

I used my credit to purchase Rewards Link card which is a gift card for gift cards. I like this choice because you can buy the card and use the credit for any gift card when you are ready. The card does not expire.

Of course you may also use your points to purchase an Amazon card directly. You may choose from numerous gift cards including Home Depot. Walmart. Starbucks, Dunkin Donuts, and more.

You may simply get the deal at sign up and move on, but you may also choose to earn more points with daily logins, product reviews, and by referring friends.