How to Use A Bitcoin Hardware Wallet

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How to use a Bitcoin Wallet. The ledger Nano S is easy to use as demonstrated in the video.
Maintaining control of your keys has become all the more important with the recent hacks of cryptocurrency exchanges like Cryptopia.

A Bitcoin hardware wallet allows you to control your own keys and safely secure your cryptocurrency.  The hardware wallet stores your private keys on the device.

You will receive a sequence of words when you set it up for the first time and you will set up a pin.  Make sure you write the series of words and you PIN code down and keep it in a safe place. To access the device you use the pin by physically entering it into the ledger.

The best part about using the Ledger Nano S is even if you lose the ledger or forget your pin code you can use the sequence of words that you were given when you set the device up to recover your wallet. You may recover on the same ledger or a new ledger using those words.

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