Market is Red: Steem is in the Green

Steem price

As the market turns red, Steem is in the green. Once again, the price of Steem has gone up. In spite of all of the drama surrounding Steem and Steemit, the price of Steem is up today. Could it be that any press is good press? I know we have some new exchanges adding Steem which is a good sign and long overdue. I am also seeing more mentions on Twitter than ever before. Whether this is a good thing or a bad thing remains to be seen, but the market seems to like it.

Check Your Witness Vote

Vote for Witness

As the drama of the Steemit acquisition by Justin Sun unfolds, your vote for Witnesses has received unprecedented attention. A few days ago the top witnesses were replaced as a result of the takeover. As of this morning I see that many of the top ten witnesses are once again familiar faces.

However this merger works out, it’s nice to see Steemians wake up and become active on Steemit again. We are seeing a Steemit passion that has not been seen for years.

I for one hope that we can all work together, Steem and Tron, and make Steemit a force in the cryptocurrency community. Am I dreaming? Yes, maybe, but I choose to remain positive about Steemit!

German Bank Uses Stellar Lumens Blockchain for Tokenization

German bank Von Der Heydt announces plan to tokenize securities using the Stellar Lumen blockchain. Von Der Heydt is one of the oldest banks in Germany. The XLM blockchain will reduce costs of trading by cutting out the middleman. The Munich based bank plans to limit the securities offer to institutional customers, but that may change in the future.

As of now, the price of XLM has not seemed to react to the news.

Stellar Lumens XLM

Are Steempress & WordPress the Secret to New Steem Investors?

Steempress WordPress plugin

One of the biggest problems with attracting new users to cryptocurrency is demonstrating the “use factor” for the cryptocurrency. Everyone knows you can invest in any coin and hope for it to increase in value, but Steem holds an advantage in that the “use factor” is quite evident.

Steempress is a WordPress plugin that allows any blogger to monetize their site using the Steem blockchain. The plugin is brilliant in that it simplifies the entire blockchain experience. Every blogger using WordPress is familiar with the plugin system so that it one less thing to be explained. Every blogger is also struggling for an audience and monetization. The combination of Steempress and the Steem Blockchain provides both.

Steempress has also made some improvements to the plugin concerning SEO or search engine optimization. The plugin includes a delay posting feature which allows you to post on your site and set a delay for the post to be made on Steemit.

The WordPress community has millions of users. Attracting a small portion of those users to the Steempress plugin could be a natural advertisement for both Steemit and Steem. As the value of Steem increases, Steempress will become all the more valuable to bloggers.

I will be Tweeting about Steempress on Twitter in the hopes of reaching more WordPress bloggers.

Imagine Government Spending Using Blockchain Technology


Imagine how different Government spending would be if the Government used Blockchain technology to record all spending. As anyone who has made a payment with cryptocurrency knows, the record of the transaction can be easily looked up for all to see. Imagine if we could see every transaction the Government makes, every dollar spent. I suspect Government waste would be drastically reduced.

Blockchain technology would also eliminate the “back office expense” as much of the accounting would be built into each blockchain transaction. We would need fewer people to oversee and report on financial transactions which would lead to additional savings. This would also prevent fraud as “missing money” would be almost impossible to explain.

Steem Ranks Number 4 in Blockchain Activity

blockchain steem

Steem has moved up to number 4 in this week’s blockchain activity report. EOS remains the most active for the week. XLM has moved to the number 2 spot and Kin is number 3. Tron is ranking number 5.

The chart below shows the marketcap of each of the most active blockchains during the past 7 days.

crypto marketcap

Steem is always listed as one of the most active blockchains, a fact that is often overlooked in the crypto world.

Dubai Welcomes Crypto in “Crypto Valley”

blockchain Davos

Davos 2020 went beyond traditional business talk this year to include several announcements concerning blockchain and cryptocurrency. The DMCC , a Dubai government entity, used the Davos meeting as an opportunity to announce the creation of a “crypto valley” within the city’s business district.

This “crypto valley” will be strategic in attracting innovators of blockchain technology and forward thinkers in the world of cryptocurrency. While some countries including the United States seem to be intent on more regulation for crypto and increased taxation, the “crypto valley” of Dubai promises no personal or corporate income tax.
Switzerland has projected a similar welcoming business atmosphere for future blockchain startups.