BAT Up 8% As Brave Browser Gains Popularity

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Basic Attention Token, better known as BAT enjoyed an increase of over 8%. As of today, BAT is trading at a little over 31 cents.


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BAT is the currency of the Brave Browser which has become more popular with rising privacy concerns on the internet. By using the Brave browser, you can control the number of ads you see and maintain a customized level of privacy. You will also earn BAT by using the browser.

Beyond the privacy benefits and the earning potential, I was surprised at the speed of the Brave browser. I guess all that tracking on other browsers really does slow your computer down.

Brave Begins Trial Ad Revenue Program: Earn Up to 70%

Brave browser is an open source software which removes the middle man for ad revenue. The Brave browser has many benefits. The browser is exceptionally fast in loading. Brave also gives you the option to block ads. When and if you choose to view ads, you will be paid for doing so. Payment is made in (BAT) Basic Attention Tokens. Users of the Brave browser all eligible for up to 70% of all ad revenue when they agree to view ads.


Earn BAT cryptocurrency

This ad revenue sharing plan will certainly disrupt your typical advertising programs like Google ads. The Brave browser puts you in charge of viewing or blocking ads.

You can use Brave on a PC or on your phone.

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