Are Steempress & WordPress the Secret to New Steem Investors?

Steempress WordPress plugin

One of the biggest problems with attracting new users to cryptocurrency is demonstrating the “use factor” for the cryptocurrency. Everyone knows you can invest in any coin and hope for it to increase in value, but Steem holds an advantage in that the “use factor” is quite evident.

Steempress is a WordPress plugin that allows any blogger to monetize their site using the Steem blockchain. The plugin is brilliant in that it simplifies the entire blockchain experience. Every blogger using WordPress is familiar with the plugin system so that it one less thing to be explained. Every blogger is also struggling for an audience and monetization. The combination of Steempress and the Steem Blockchain provides both.

Steempress has also made some improvements to the plugin concerning SEO or search engine optimization. The plugin includes a delay posting feature which allows you to post on your site and set a delay for the post to be made on Steemit.

The WordPress community has millions of users. Attracting a small portion of those users to the Steempress plugin could be a natural advertisement for both Steemit and Steem. As the value of Steem increases, Steempress will become all the more valuable to bloggers.

I will be Tweeting about Steempress on Twitter in the hopes of reaching more WordPress bloggers.

The Price of Steem Breaks 20 Cents

Steem price

The price of Steem rose to over 20 cents during the last 24 hours. While I’m sure the rise in the price of Bitcoin has some effect on altcoins, I think we are seeing many return to Steem with the anticipation of the release of Smart Media Tokens.

We have also seen some details of the EOS “Voice” project which seems to indicate that Voice will not be a direct competitor of Steemit. I think this is a positive for both Steem and EOS.

Top Steem Dapps

steem dapps

This list of some of the top Steem decentralized apps or dapps is a testament to the diversity of the Steem blockchain. Many Steemians only use Steemit and are not aware of the many dapps which offer endless potential and opportunities for Steem investors.
As Smart Media Tokens come into play, we will be looking at a complete ecosystem of Steem based projects. Imagine hundreds or even thousands of projects that have one thing in common. They all require Steem. Not only might we see the price of Steem increase, but the many opportunities to earn Steem may result in multiple opportunities to earn income by playing games, providing content and other simple tasks.
I think we are only just beginning to see the potential of Steem.

Steem Price Up Again

Steem price

The price of Steem continued to rise with a 6% increase during the past 24 hours. Steem price rose as high as 18 cents before dropping back to the 17 cent range.

Is this a reaction to the up and coming Smart Media Tokens? SMT’s continue testing through the Spring, but expectations remain high among Steemians who have waited for this development for several years.

Steem Ranks Number 4 in Blockchain Activity

blockchain steem

Steem has moved up to number 4 in this week’s blockchain activity report. EOS remains the most active for the week. XLM has moved to the number 2 spot and Kin is number 3. Tron is ranking number 5.

The chart below shows the marketcap of each of the most active blockchains during the past 7 days.

crypto marketcap

Steem is always listed as one of the most active blockchains, a fact that is often overlooked in the crypto world.

Bitpay Partners With Simplex Payment Processor

Bitpay payments

Bitpay has announced a partnership with Simplex, a payment processing company. The partnership will allow customers to purchase cryptocurrencies from fiat directly in the Bitpay app. The somewhat laborious transfer from fiat to Bitcoin has always been an impediment to new crypto investors. Even 2 years ago, a potential investor would have to buy Bitcoin at Coinbase incurring a fee and then transfer Bitcoin to an exchange which often charged another fee. Small investors were discouraged from investing because of all of the fees.

The ability to buy crypto from fiat in the Bitpay wallet should encourage small investors who may not have considered investing in blockchain before. Bitpay now supports several cryptocurrencies including Bitcoin, BitcoinCash and Etheruem. XRP was also added just a few weeks ago.

I would love to see Steem become available on some of these apps. I think we would attract more investors by having an easy entryway into Steem.

Steem Year To Date Chart


Steem’s year to date chart shows Steem price stabilizing around 17 cents. The recent 40% rise in price inspired some profit takers to sell as the price continued to rise, but for the most part long time holders of Steem appear to be in a “Hodl” mood. Perhaps the vision of Smart Media Tokens on the horizon has inspired more investors to take a second look at the Steem blockchain.

Steem Price Jumps Over 40% in 24 Hours

Yesterday I was posting about the price of Steem jumping over 4 %. At One point today the price of Steem had risen a little over 40%. At the time of this post Steem continues to be up over 38%.

Steem price jumps 40%

Price of Steem Jumps

The Steem blockchain is in the process of testing Smart Media Tokens. The testing started a few months ago and should continue through the Spring. If you are on Steemit, you already know the potential for Smart Media Tokens. In simple terms, Smart Media Tokens will allow companies to tokenize their own websites, projects, and companies almost instantly. Companies my create their own token which will run on the Steem blockchain. These Smart media tokens may be customized by participating companies while utilizing one of the most active blockchains in the world, the Steem blockchain.

Steem price

Steem Up Over 40%