Steem Price Jumps 17%

The price of Steem jumped over 17% based on the rumor that Justin Sun of Tron (TRX) had offered to buy Steemit. At this point the buyout is only a rumor, but that did not stop the price of Steem from rising over 17%. The price has stabilized to an approximate 10% gain as the rumor has not been confirmed.

Steemit sale

The Steemit platform is a unique blogging platform that is full of crypto savvy bloggers who use the blockchain to post content for pay. Bloggers are paid in Steem which can then be sold or used to “power up” their Steem account.

Justin Sun has both a strong social media presence and an active community. The combination of this community with the Steemit community could be an interesting dynamic in the crypto world.

Steemfest 2019 Talks Fighting Censorship and Owning Your Own Data

Steemfest addresses the recent purging and censorship of creators on Youtube. “Users are not the product” is one of the themes of Steemit. You may be paid for your content without the threat of censorship.

3speak is the future of media. is a platform which provides a safe haven for content creators who have been demonetized and deplatformed. The site is free to use and rewards content creators with cryptocurrency.

Bank Loans for The Blockchain

blockchain bank

Bankera has announced a new lending solution for cryptocurrency holders. Bankera loans will offer flexible loans backed by cryptocurrency. The move is a welcome addition for the many crypto holders who need liquidity but do not want to sell their position in the volatile crypto market.
By using their cryptocurrency as collateral, investors can secure financing quickly and securely.

As block chain technology becomes more common, we will see a host of services offered for holders of cryptocurrency.

Money Button Simplifies Payments with Paymail

Money Button is a peer to peer payment system which runs on Bitcoin SV. Your money button wallet has a deposit address just like any other crypto wallet, but they have also added a nice touch to their payment system. Once you create a Money Button account, you can register a paymail address to your wallet. Your address would be a name you have chosen @paymail.

See more about Money Button here

How To Use Money Button

Money Button is a wallet that runs on the Bitcoin SV (BSV) Blockchain. Money Button is great for peer to peer payments and may be used for anything from tipping to ecommerce.

If Money Button had a theme it would be simplicity. Even beginners can access tools which make it possible to program a money button to place on their site or in their social media feeds.

For more advanced users, Money Button offers some advanced user tools which enable a developer to build games and apps which are run with Bitcoin.

Some examples of these apps include Bitstagram and Bitpaste.

Bitcoin SV (BSV) has also enjoyed a nice price increase as more people discover the many uses for Money Button.
BSV price

Blockstream VS Bitcoin

This is an interesting take on Blockstream and Bitcoin. We all know that Bitcoin has been hampered with the lack of an ability to scale. Transaction fees are not consistent and Bitcoin transaction times can be quite slow as compared to other cryptocurrencies. The question this video ask is “Are the side chains designed to help the problem or will they be the downfall of Bitcoin?”

What effect will diverting profits from Bitcoin miners in favor of developers have on Bitcoin?

SMT Testnet Goes Live: #Steem Ecosystem

At long last, the Smart Media Token Testnet is live. Developers may now build a project for their business on the Steem Blockchain. The testnet allows developers to run their project and look for bugs.

How will SMT’s change Steemit? I think once the SMT’s go live that Steemit will be a very different place. I think it will be a better place. The opportunity for entrepreneurs to tokenize their brand and their websites on the Steem blockchain will introduce an entirely new base of Steem users. Companies will be able to tokenize and monetize their sites using the Steem protocol and will be able to do so at a minimal cost. While these companies will be part of the Steem ecosystem, they will also maintain their independence by assigning their owns set of rules and rewards to their unique token.
The benefits to Steemit are obvious. Thousands of new users and an expanded user base insures more traffic. The demand for Steem power will increase as new token holders find the need for more resource credits in order to function on the Steem blockchain. The need for resource credits should result in increased investment in Steem and an overall incentive to power up.
I think many of us have maintained a somewhat myopic view of Steem over the past year. We’ve been focusing so much on Steemit that we have forgotten the bigger picture of bringing the entire internet world to Steem.
I think the implementation of Smart Media Tokens will force our community to focus on the bigger picture of the entire Steem ecosystem which has the potential to revolutionize the way we produce and view content on the internet.

Advertising on Steemit?

I recently attempted to run an advertising campaign on Reddit. The campaign was a link to earning EOS by watching a few educational videos. Considering Reddit is the home of multiple forums on cryptocurrency, you would think the platform would be open to this type of advertising. My ad was rejected almost immediately.

As a result of this experience, I began to think about advertising on Steemit. What would advertising without bots look like on Steemit? Steemit has a built in crypto smart audience. Having a receptive base with a knowledge of blockchain and cryptocurrency should be an attractive audience for any crypto related project. Steemit is unique in that all of the Steemit users are dealing with crypto and blockchain on a daily basis. I would like to see some kind of option to opt in to advertising on Steemit.

Another possibility is offering advertising which would be paid for in Steem and then burning that Steem to help raise the price of Steem.

Please share your thoughts on the subject.

Tune in to Blockchain Radio

We are always interested in new projects using blockchain technology. As you know if you follow the crypto market, information is easy to get when the market is bullish, but seems to be more difficult in a bear market.

Blockchain radio is a great source of information for new and upcoming projects. The format is 24/7 blockchain news. We are hosting the service on our site. You may also install blockchain radio on your own website.