Verge XVG Expected to Rise with Introduction to Wraith Protocol

The release of the Wraith Protocol has been promised before and has yet to happen. That being said, keep in mind we are experiencing a new frontier in technology, so as the video said, perhaps we should consider that when holding a development team to a particular agenda and timeline.

The Verge Discord group is a great source of information for Verge privacy coin.

ColossusCoinXT (COLX) Privacy Coin with Possibilities. The Next Verge??

Privacy coins are getting quite a bit of attention these days. Coins like (PIVX) have enjoyed tremendous gains during the last few months. Several thoughts about COLX:

1. Privacy Coins tend to be very popular

2. This coin is currently trading below 1/2 cent

3. At the moment, COLX is available on 2 small exchanges. The social media claims that a listing on Cryptopia could be coming soon. As most know, when a coin hits the larger exchanges it may enjoy a significant gain in price. (The fact that COLX coin has enjoyed a tremendous rise while only being listed on 2 small exchanges may be significant.)
4. This is also a staking coin

5. The coin has been compared to PIVX, but keep in mind that COLX has a much larger available supply which may keep the price lower than PIVX.

6. I have also heard COLX being compared to Verge coin which is currently trading at 15 cents.

We are keeping an eye on the price here

While You Were Debating Bitcoin, Verge Went Up 117%…Don’t Forget the Altcoins


Don’t forget the altcoins!

While everyone is debating whether or not Bitcoin is a bubble or the greatest investment in the world, many seemingly mundane altcoins are enjoying record increases while remaining below the radar. Verge is just one of the many altcoins on the rise. Due to increasing investments in Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies like Litecoin and Dash, some lesser known coins are getting more attention as well. is a daily testament of the increasing activity in the altcoin market.

Many of these altcoins started at a value of less than one cent making the entry level for investment accessible for almost anyone. As some of these coins have increased in value by hundreds of percentage points, many new investors have been able to ride the Bitcoin wave without actually investing in Bitcoin. As with any investment opportunity one should do their due diligence and research both the coin and the developers before investing.