Tokenpay Announces Partnership with Litecoin

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Tokenpay has been very aggressive in insuring the usage of cryptocurrency for the masses. The idea of crypto being some limited investment tool is foreign to the Tokenpay team and their actions confirm this every day.

A few months ago Tokenpay purchased a 9.9% stake in a German bank. According to German law, 9.9% is the maximum percentage an entity can own without further regulatory approval.

Tokenpay has now announced a new partnership with Litecoin. Tokenpay will join forces with Litecoin which will result in more consumer services for consumers interested in investing and actually using cryptocurrency. Some of these services include debit cards, a decentralized exchange, and a platform for quickly processing ecommerce payments.

Tokenpay expects to add several hundred thousand new customers with the announcement of the Litecoin partnership.

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