CCID Releases Cryptocurrency Rankings EOS #1

The Center for Information and Industry Development has released the latest rankings for cryptocurrency.
EOS takes the number one spot. Steem ranks number seven with Bitshares following close behind in 8th place. Ethereum is number 2. TRON, NULS, NEO, and Lisk are also in the top ten.

CCID cryptocurrency

EOS takes top spot

Bitcoin is number nine and XLM ranks number 10.

Blockchain Activity Report for July 16th: Bitshares Dominates

Bitshares was the most active cryptocurrency with 59.7% of all blockchain activity. Steem ranks number 2 with 20.4% of all activity. Ethereum is number three with 8.3%. EOS is gaining ground with 6.2%. Bitcoin accounts for 2.8% of all activity. The remaining crypto market makes up 2.6%.

Bitshares also ranks number 1 for number of transactions with over 4,700,000 transactions. Steem is number 2 with over 1,300,000 transactions. Ethereum has over 700,000 transactions and EOS has over 420,000 transactions. Bitcoin has over 200,000 transactions.

EOS Accounts for Over 6% of All Blockchain Activity Surpassing Bitcoin

During the last 7 days EOS accounts for 6.5% of all blockchain activity. EOS surpassed Bitcoin in blockchain activity in less than a month. The most active cryptocurrecy for the last 7 days is Steem with 36.1%. Bitshares is in second place with 30.6%. Ethereum is in 3rd place with 16.4%. Bitcoin holds steady with 5%. All remaining currencies combined are at 5.5%.

The most interesting thing about these figures is that the Blockchains of Dan Larimer, EOS, Steem, and Bitshares, account for over 72% of all blockchain activity. My question is, “When will the world notice and what happens when it does?” Many speculate that EOS will upstage Ethereum in the near future. As the usage of these altcoins increases, when does the price of Bitcoin become less important to the overall crypto market? I think we will see a decoupling of Bitcoin from the altcoin market in the near future.

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Bitshares and Steem Account for Over 67% of All Blockchain Activity

Investors looking for new opportunities in blockchain technology and cryptocurrency should start by researching Dan Larimer. Dan is responsible for the creation of both Steem and Bitshares. These two currencies account for over 67% of all global blockchain activity. Bitcoin and Ethereum are also in the top 4 of the most active currencies.

Steem is the most active currency with 47.6% of all activity. The popular Ethereum makes up 20% of all activity which equals the global activity of Bitshares which is also 20%. Despite Bitcoin being the most well known cryptocurrency, Bitcoin activity accounts for a mere 5.2% of global activity. Steem and Bitshares are both considered altcoins. Many new investors have never heard of altcoins, but the potential for growth may be tremendous in these coins. Compare the market cap of Bitcoin with Bitshares and Steem in the chart below to get an idea of the growth potential embodied by these two coins. Surprisingly, all other cryptocurriencies combined account for only a little over 7% of all blockchain technology.

As if Steem and Bitshares were not reason enough to invest in Dan Larimer, his current project, EOS is easily the most talked about new currency in the crypto world. The EOS ICO has received tremendous attention due to Larimer’s earlier successes. You may read more about Dan Larimer here

Haejin Lee Charts A Favorite Crypto: Can Bitshares Make You a Millionaire?

If you are not familiar with Haejin Lee, you should be. He has amassed a devoted following on multiple media platforms with his cryptocurrency charts and predictions. In this video, Haejin talks about one of our favorites, Bitshares. At the time of this video a few months ago, Bitshares was selling for 5 cents. Today, Bitshares has reached 85 cents. Haejin shows the charts and makes the case for Bitshares reaching a price of over $300.

Bitshares is one of the most used cryptos on the market. The very popular decentralized trading platform uses Bitshares. The creator of Bitshares is no stranger to Blockchain technology. Dan Larimer also created the successful currency Steem and is currently in the middle of a year long ICO for EOS. EOS has been touted as the next wave in the revolutionary blockchain industry. Bitshares may also gain from the popularity of EOS. Currently Bitshares is one of the few currencies that can handle a large volume of transactions without delays and large fees. With the increasing Bitcoin fees and more buyers entering the Crypto market, Bitshares may prove to be the answer to the problem that starts with Bitcoin fees and ends with long wait times for confirmations of receipt.