Lolli The Cash Back Bitcoin Extension

Lolli Co-Founder & CEO, Alex Adelman, explains the benefits of the new Lolli Bitcoin cashback program. You may easily add the Lolli Chrome extension to your browser and earn Bitcoin with any purchases made through Lolli.

The founder of Lolli tells the story of going to the bank as a boy with his father and enjoying the free lollipops the bank gave away to bank customers, hence the name Lolli for the cash back program.

Lolli Bitcoin back

Get Bitcoin Back on All Purchases

The amount of the discount varies from store to store but most stores offer at least 3% back in Bitcoin. Some of the stores offer as much as 27% back in Bitcoin. Groupon is one of the stores mentioned which is all the more interesting because most Groupon offers are already offering savings and this enables you to get Bitcoin back as well.

Download Lolli Bitcoin

We are seeing more programs like this and I think that is a good thing. Anything that gets Bitcoin and altcoins into the hands of new users is a positive for the crypto community as a whole.

Buying Bitcoin With Cash App

download cash app

Buy Bitcoin with Cash App.

You can now buy Bitcoin by using Cash App

Cash App is giving new users $5 for downloading Cash App and using the app for payments to friends and family or even using it to buy Bitcoin. Users have the option to attach a debit card to the account to fund the account. Cash App also offers a physical payment card which allows you to use Cash App funds for offline payments.
Cash App is part of the Square Payment Network.

Binance.US Announces Beta Testing of IOS App

Binance.US opened it’s doors in September of 2019. The popular exchange has now announced the beta testing for their new IOS app. The announcement was made on Twitter. Beta testing will allow Binance to explore any possible bugs as well as fixes before making the app available to everyone.
Binance.US has also announced that the exchange may offer users the ability to purchase cryptocurrency directly using a debit card. This on ramp for cryptocurrency directly from the dollar should attract new users who may have been turned off by the laborious task of buying and transferring cryptocurrency from the most well known on ramp, Coinbase. Those interested in the beta testing may contact Binance through their Twitter account.

How to Buy Bitcoin with a Credit Card or Bank Account


Buying Bitcoin with Coinbase

Buying Bitcoin with a credit card is simple. Coinbase is one of the oldest and most trusted cryptocurrency sites. Sign up on Coinbase is free. You do have to supply credit card and banking information in order to be able to purchase Bitcoin on the Coinbase site. While you would think using your bank account would be the quickest way to buy Bitcoin, the processing time may actually take a week before your Bitcoin is deposited. Once you have authorized and confirmed your credit card, you may use the card to buy Bitcoin instantly. Coinbase will make 2 small charges to your credit card. Once you have confirmed these amounts, you should be able to purchase your cryptocurrency instantly.

Coinbase also supports the instant purchase of 2 other altcoins. Both Litecoin and Etheruem are currently available for purchase on the Coinbase site. As the price of Bitcoin increases, the Bitcoin fees have also increased. For the potential altcoin investor, Litecoin may be a better gateway cryptocurrency simply because the fees are much lower. Of course, this scenario only applies if you are purchasing the coins at Coinbase with the intention of transfering them to an exchange in order to buy other altcoins.

Whether you purchase Bitcoin, Litecoin or Ethereum, you can transfer the coins from your wallet to the exchange you wish to trade on. As you transfer your Bitcoins you will see multiple confirmations being completed which will confirm the arrival of your Bitcoin in the wallet of the exchange.