How To Exchange Your Steem

As many are cashing out of Steemit and moving to Hive, the Exchange Tool is an easy way to exchange your Steem for Hive or many other cryptocurrencies. The Bittrex Steem Wallet has been down for maintenance for weeks so I’ve not been able to send and sell Steem at Bittrex.

The process is very simple. Enter the currency you are exchanging and the cryptocurrency you wish to receive. You will be prompted to enter your receiving wallet address. You will then be given a name to send the Steem to and a number to include in the memo. Stay on the site until your deposit and exchange is confirmed. I have found this one of the easiest ways to exchange one cryptocurrency for another.

Binance US Opens United States Market

Binance US has now opened. Crypto lovers are hoping the opening of Binance US is a good sign for US investors. Americans have seen several large exchanges ban US users. Increased regulations in the US have made operating an exchange in America a difficult task.
Even now, all states are not able to participate in trading on Binance US. New York is one of the states which is currently closed to crypto investors on Binance.

While investors in the US remain hopeful, increased regulations and the question of which crypto are considered securities has forced many exchanges to exclude the US market from trading.