How To Exchange Your Steem

As many are cashing out of Steemit and moving to Hive, the Exchange Tool is an easy way to exchange your Steem for Hive or many other cryptocurrencies. The Bittrex Steem Wallet has been down for maintenance for weeks so I’ve not been able to send and sell Steem at Bittrex.

The process is very simple. Enter the currency you are exchanging and the cryptocurrency you wish to receive. You will be prompted to enter your receiving wallet address. You will then be given a name to send the Steem to and a number to include in the memo. Stay on the site until your deposit and exchange is confirmed. I have found this one of the easiest ways to exchange one cryptocurrency for another.

Hive Ranks #9 In Most Active Blockchains

June 2 blockchain

Hive has moved up to number 9 in most active blockchains. Worth noting is the fact that Steem was always in the top 10 of most active blockchains, but has now completely dropped out of the top 10 list.

This report has added a new statistic called the Potential rating. This rating measures the ratio between blockchain activity and market cap in comparison to Bitcoin. The Potential rating for Hive is currently 1592.

Top Hive Dapps

Hive Dapps

I am using one of my favorite Hive dapps, Steempress, to make this post. Steempress is a wordpress plugin that allows you to post content on your WordPress blog and automatically send the post to the HIVE platform.

I also use PeakD to access my Hive account. PeakD makes it easy to access your HIVE wallet and view posts.

This list of apps shows the many options available to users of HIVE.

HIVE Price Jumps Over 26%

Hive price jump

The price of HIVE jumped over 26% during a 24 hour period. HIVE reached a little over 42 cents after showing solid support in the 36 cent range. Considering that HIVE is only 6 weeks old, the future of HIVE is looking bright!

Price Alert As I wrote this post, the price of HIVE has increased to over 45 cents

Binance Announces HIVE Listing

Binance HIVE

Binance announces HIVE listing. Open trading for HIVE will include the following trading pairs. HIVE/BNB, HIVE/BTC, and HIVE/USDT. HIVE deposits and withdrawals will be open on April 29th.

The price of HIVE is currently 49 cents. HIVE is an attractive investment due to the fact that many of the original Steem blockchain developers have been very active in the creation and the development of HIVE. The level of enthusiasm surrounding HIVE reminds me of the early days of cryptocurrency and is definitely one to watch.

Hive Price Approaches $1 Mark

Hive price

The price of HIVE continued to rise over night. HIVE reached a high of 98 cents at one point. Rumors of a future listing on Binance may cause the price to increase as more investors become aware of HIVE.
While investors may view HIVE as a new cryptocurrency, former Steem enthusiast realize that many of the former Steem developers have embraced HIVE and have continued creating promising projects which originated on the Steem blockchain.

Does proof of stake really work? Can a currency truly be decentralized? In many ways these questions have become the battlecry of HIVE. We are watching the answers unfold live and in person!