Capacity Utilization Index of Most Active Cryptocurrencies

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Everyone knows the ability to scale is one of the most important factors for a cryptocurrency. The CUI or Capacity Utilization Index gives us a clear picture of which cryptos have the capacity to scale. In simple terms, CUI is a ratio of how many transactions have occurred during a day and how much blockchain capacity is left.

As you can see in the table below, EOS has the most transactions while using 32.74% of the blockchain’s capacity. TRX has the second most transactions, but is using only 1.06% of it’s capacity. KIN is number three and is using 10.77 % of capacity. Steem has the fourth most transactions, but is only using .08% of blockchain’s capacity.

While Bitcoin is number five in the number of transactions, Bitcoin is using 89.95% of blockchain capacity to conduct these transactions.
As more and more people use cryptocurrency, the abilbity to scale will become all the more important. Without scalebility, transaction times and confirmation will be too slow for day to day use.

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