ColossusCoinXT (COLX) Privacy Coin with Possibilities. The Next Verge??

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Privacy coins are getting quite a bit of attention these days. Coins like (PIVX) have enjoyed tremendous gains during the last few months. Several thoughts about COLX:

1. Privacy Coins tend to be very popular

2. This coin is currently trading below 1/2 cent

3. At the moment, COLX is available on 2 small exchanges. The social media claims that a listing on Cryptopia could be coming soon. As most know, when a coin hits the larger exchanges it may enjoy a significant gain in price. (The fact that COLX coin has enjoyed a tremendous rise while only being listed on 2 small exchanges may be significant.)
4. This is also a staking coin

5. The coin has been compared to PIVX, but keep in mind that COLX has a much larger available supply which may keep the price lower than PIVX.

6. I have also heard COLX being compared to Verge coin which is currently trading at 15 cents.

We are keeping an eye on the price here

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