Haejin Lee Charts A Favorite Crypto: Can Bitshares Make You a Millionaire?

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If you are not familiar with Haejin Lee, you should be. He has amassed a devoted following on multiple media platforms with his cryptocurrency charts and predictions. In this video, Haejin talks about one of our favorites, Bitshares. At the time of this video a few months ago, Bitshares was selling for 5 cents. Today, Bitshares has reached 85 cents. Haejin shows the charts and makes the case for Bitshares reaching a price of over $300.

Bitshares is one of the most used cryptos on the market. The very popular Openledger.io decentralized trading platform uses Bitshares. The creator of Bitshares is no stranger to Blockchain technology. Dan Larimer also created the successful currency Steem and is currently in the middle of a year long ICO for EOS. EOS has been touted as the next wave in the revolutionary blockchain industry. Bitshares may also gain from the popularity of EOS. Currently Bitshares is one of the few currencies that can handle a large volume of transactions without delays and large fees. With the increasing Bitcoin fees and more buyers entering the Crypto market, Bitshares may prove to be the answer to the problem that starts with Bitcoin fees and ends with long wait times for confirmations of receipt.

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