Learning and Earning Crypto

We may earn money or products from the companies mentioned in this post. This is not financial advice. We feature coins we like, but do your own research before you invest

I recently participated in a few mini tutorials which outlined the use of crypto. These 2 minute videos provided information about several cryptocurrencies. The videos were quite informative, but the best part was the opportunity to earn $10 to $50 in each coin.

The videos explained the features of each coin and how to buy and use the coin. I was able to watch a few 2 minute videos and answer 1 question after each video which resulted in my earning $10 in EOS, $10 in Stellar Lumens, $10 in Basic Attention Token, and about $50 for referring friends.

I signed up for the waiting list for Ox (ZRX) and ZCash (ZEC) which offer the same videos. I do not know when earning will be available for these coins, but they promised to notify me.

I’m not sure how long this opportunity will be available but you can check it out for yourself here Earning and Learning about Cryptocurrency

The company providing the tutorials deposited the crypto into my account immediately which was very refreshing. I like that these companies are playing a role now in actually teaching newcomers the benefits of cryptocurrency.

I have seen a refreshing interest in educating and expanding the user base for cryptocurrency during the past year. I hope this will continue and will result in taking some fear out of investing in this area.

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