Openledger Announces Reimbursement Program

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Openledger has announced a reimbursement program for members who were victims of phishing attacks resulting from the hack of the domain. The DEX was not hacked, but Openledger briefly lost control of their domain which was registered through GoDaddy. Open ledger users who may have logged into their account using this domain were open to possible phishing attacks.

Some users inadvertently exposed there passwords and keys to the hackers. The blockchain itself was not hacked and remained secure. Openledger has since upgraded the SSL certificate to the highest and most secure class available.

In order to participate in the reimbursement program, users need to create a ticket. Make sure you put “My account was compromised” in the subject line. Openledger will take each case individually and investigate each loss.

While the hacking was somewhat disconcerting, I think we should be encouraged by the fact that the part of the exchange which was hacked was only the centralized domain. The decentralized exchange and all blockchain related activity remained secure. I think Openledger’s effort to reimburse victims of this attack speaks well of the Openledger community as a whole.

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