“Reserve” Receives Backing from Major Players

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One of the main problems with cryptocurrency is the volatility of the price. In order to be able to use cryptocurrency on an everyday basis for everyday things, you need some stability in the price. Buying groceries with crypto would be nearly impossible when the coin is up one day and down the next. For this reason a stabilized cryptocurrency has long been the goal of many in the traditional financial world.

“Reserve” may be the stabilized currency the world has been waiting for. As of now “Reserve” has received the backing of some major players in the financial world including Coinbase and Peter Thiel (founder of paypal).
While still in the developmental stage, the general idea is to have a cryptocurrency that maintains a peg which will encourage usage and give it stability. This stability could be life changing in countries where inflation has run rampant and the local currency is failing.

We expect to see some major developments with “Reserve” in the near future.

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