Steempress: The On Ramp For The Masses

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One of the biggest problems with cryptocurrency is getting people to actually use it in their everyday life. If you’ve been on Steemit for a while, you may easily overlook the fact that simple transactions we participate in everyday may seem horribly complex to your average person.

We participate in trading to buy Steem, transfer Steem to our wallets, power up, power down and more. The fact that most of the world has no idea how to do any of these things is easy to forget.

Steempress has done a great job of taking your average WordPress user and introducing them to Steemit. I think this is a tremendous opportunity for Steem.

The timing could not be better. We are seeing an almost daily increase in the number of Youtube accounts which are demonetized for no reason except the fact that Youtube disagrees with a certain point of view. Many channels have been banned completely. Imaging spending years building your Youtube channel and losing it all overnight.

Bitchute has taken advantage of this situation by simply offering Youtubers the same thing Steempress offers WordPress bloggers. Your Youtube videos are simply copied to Bitchute automatically which makes this a backup channel for content creators who may have concerns over censorship or even losing their channel. I do not know if Dtube offers this feature for Steemit users.

I think this is a great selling point for Steemit, but I rarely hear it mentioned. Maybe introducing Steemit as a backup channel where the content is guaranteed to survive any purge that may come along is another way to market Steem. The price of Steem is so low right now that the earning potential is hardly a selling point. Safeguarding your content, however, may be even more enticing to the content producers of today.

The masses are hungry for the freedom to post their ideas without the worry of retribution and suspension. Let’s introduce them to Steemit as that place where freedom of expression is rewarded. Steempress has done the hard part. We just need to let people know about it.

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