Will $HTR Hathor Become the New Polka Dot?

Hathor HTR

Hathor touches $1

Hathor $HTR published an updated roadmap for $HTR this week. The roadmap and the above interview with Cointelegraph briefly propelled the altcoin to the price of one dollar. The expected correction has Hathor currently trading in the 70 cent range. Many are comparing this altcoin to Polka Dot. During the downturn last week as many altcoins decreased in value Hathor remained strong fueling the speculation that this is one to watch.

Hathor is currently available on the Kucoin exchange.

Te-Food (TFD)Tracing by Blockchain

TFD Te Food chart

Te-Food (TFD) has enjoyed recent gains as companies become more focused on contact tracing. Te-Food is known as a “farm to table” blockchain tracing system. The company was launched in 2016 in order to provide more transparency in the supply chain.

TFD has enjoyed daily gains ranging from 8% to as much as 38%. Te-Food is currently listed on the Kucoin exchange.

Will Coti Become the Paypal of Crypto?

Coti Paypal

Will $Coti become the paypal of Crypto? Coti is a payment platform that enables cross chain interoperability and may be an answer to ecommerce platforms that want to accept cryptocurrency but also need a safeguard for their customers.

$Coti is currently trading in the 2 cent range. The Coti payment platform will enable cryptocurrency payments while also offering some oversight much in the way that paypal monitors their payment platform. Their goal is to maintain scalability while keeping transaction fees low. For more information visit Coti.io

The Perfect Storm for Ocean?

Ocean Protocol covid19

“To connect data owners and data consumers without middlmen being able to see or control the data via decentralized access control and data marketplaces” is listed as the mission of Ocean Protocol , OCEAN. Unlocking private data while preserving privacy is especially important when you are dealing with medical data.

ocean protocol covid 19

As the world struggles with the Covid 19 outbreak we are seeing new opportunities for blockchain projects such as Ocean Protocol. The ability to quickly provide data while maintaining the privacy of the patient has never been more important.

Uphold App Announces New Interface

Uphold App

The trading app, Uphold, announced a new interface for cryptocurrency trading. The Uphold app may be downloaded and used on both Android devices and Iphones. I think the most interesting aspect of this announcement is the app’s feature which allows you to “trade anything for anything”. Anyone who buys Altcoins knows the somewhat cumbersome process of purchasing Bitcoin or Ethereum and then using these to buy an altcoin like Steem, BAT, DASH or the dozens of other coins available on the market. Usually each transaction charges a small fee, so if you are buying a small amount your principle investment may be diminished by all of the fees.
Uphold is advertising a commission free trading app. We , of course, know that nothing is really free, but the Uphold pricing model will not charge the usual fees but will use a spread pricing of .5 to 1 percent for the ability to deposit fiat and buy up to 60 different cryptocurrencies. I think the ability to trade directly between so many altcoins should only encourage the purchase of more altcoins. Anything that makes the process easier is a move in the right direction.

Top Altcoins for Pennies…Altcoins Under $1


Many of the Altcoins are available for less than a penny and even more are available for less than a dollar. Cryptopia is a smaller exchange where many of these cheaper altcoins may be found. Once the coins gain some traction and become available on the larger exchanges like Bittrex, they often enjoy an immediate price increase, so there is some advantage to finding these alts before they are available on the larger exchanges.

Yobit is another exchange which has many coins trading for as low as 1 satoshi. You may get lucky here and invest in a coin during the early stages. I have found, however, that you must be careful on this exchange. I recently had a coin which I have been unable to withdraw because the wallet is constantly “under maintenance”. I have seen other traders with the same complaint. Their advice was to purchase tiny amounts initially in order to concern there are no problems with the wallet. This may be risky and not worthwhile, but occasionally you will have an opportunity to invest in a really potentially great coin for 1 satoshi.

I have done this a few times and was able to withdraw the coin which eventually turned a nice profit. I do. however wish I had known about the withdrawal problem before trading on the Yobit Exchange. This is just my personal experience with this exchange. I prefer Cryptopia if the altcoin is available for purchase there.

You can always see where the coin is available for purchase on Coinmarketcap.com Click on the markets button and a list of exchanges will be displayed. You will also see a list of pairings showing you whether you need Bitcoin to buy the altcoin, or if you can buy with Litecoin or Ethereum. This is important because the Bitcoin fees have become so high that it may prove to be cost prohibitive for smaller investments. The Litecoin fees are usually much lower. When Litecoin is an alternative, you may purchase Litecoin at Coinbase and simply transfer it to your wallet on exchanges like Cryptopia.

While You Were Debating Bitcoin, Verge Went Up 117%…Don’t Forget the Altcoins


Don’t forget the altcoins!

While everyone is debating whether or not Bitcoin is a bubble or the greatest investment in the world, many seemingly mundane altcoins are enjoying record increases while remaining below the radar. Verge is just one of the many altcoins on the rise. Due to increasing investments in Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies like Litecoin and Dash, some lesser known coins are getting more attention as well. Coinmarketcap.com is a daily testament of the increasing activity in the altcoin market.

Many of these altcoins started at a value of less than one cent making the entry level for investment accessible for almost anyone. As some of these coins have increased in value by hundreds of percentage points, many new investors have been able to ride the Bitcoin wave without actually investing in Bitcoin. As with any investment opportunity one should do their due diligence and research both the coin and the developers before investing.