JP Morgan Chase Welcome Cryptocurrency Companies

jp Morgan Bitcoin

JP Morgan Chase is reportedly now accepting clients involved in cryptocurrency. Chase has been a vocal critic of both Bitcoin and cryptocurrency for years. Many suspected that they were quietly investing in Bitcoin while discrediting the currency in public statements. I remember when Chase actually penalized customers with fees when they used a Chase debit to purchase Bitcoin.

Coinbase has reportedly become a Chase customer. By embracing such a high profile cryptocurrency business, Chase seems to be sending a welcome message to future cryptocurrency investment.

Coinbase Introduces Easy Addresses

Coinbase user name

Coinbase announces user friendly wallet addresses. We have all had that moment when you wonder if you entered the Wallet address correctly as you transfer Bitcoin from one wallet to another. The sinking feeling as you realize you may have left off a few digits of a wallet address is not a pleasant experience.
Coinbase hopes to alleviate some of that anxiety by allowing dedicated user names to serve as a wallet address. Coinbase users will be able to transfer currency to other Coinbase users by sending to a user name instead of a full length wallet address.

The user name feature will be available for all currencies supported on the Coinbase platform. Some of those currencies include Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Litecoin, Ethereum, and Ripple. Coinbase will also offer a security feature which will allow users to keep their username private and unsearchable which will help prevent fraud.

Coinbase and Google?

google coinbase

Coinbase has announced a new edition to their team. Surojit Chatterjee will join Coinbase as the new chief product officer. Chatterjee comes with an impressive resume including Vice President of Product for Google. Chatterjee played an active role in both Google shopping and Flipkart, a well known ecommerce site.

According to Chatterjee, the main focus will be to make cryptocurrency more mainstream.

As we see more and more top talent become involved with blockchain projects, it becomes clear that crypto is here to stay.

Coinbase Adding New Coins. Which Altcoin will Benefit?

The significance of a coin being added to Coinbase can not be overstated. Coinbase is one of the leading sites which is used as the “ramp” from fiat currency (dollars, etc.) to Cryptocurrency. Currently, Bitcoin, Litecoin and Ethereum are the coins listed on Coinbase. All have enjoyed a significant increase in price after being listed on Coinbase. This makes sense when you consider a huge portion of the population enters the world of cryptocurrency through the portals of Coinbase.