Duck Duck Go , the Brave Browser, and Steemit

Duck Duck Go

As internet users become more aware of the constant invasion of privacy by big tech companies like Google, the search for alternatives has intensified. Duck Duck Go has become a popular alternative as an internet search engine. This search engine works like Google without all of the tracking.

The Brave browser, which is an internet browser that allows the user to control their data, has also enjoyed an increase in usage. The Brave browser allows you to opt in to some advertising and be paid for viewing the ads. Payment is made in the cryptocurrency, (BAT) Basic Attention Token. For almost 20 years, internet users have assumed they were the customers of big tech companies like Facebook and Google only to realize that in fact they and their data have been the product all along.

Steemit is a blogging platform that allows bloggers to monetize their content without fear of censorship. Bloggers may post directly on Steemit or use the Steempress WordPress plugin. Content providers are paid in the cryptocurrency, Steem. Steemit is built on the Steem blockchain which insures that content will not be removed as we have seen on both You Tube and Facebook.