Will $HTR Hathor Become the New Polka Dot?

Hathor HTR

Hathor touches $1

Hathor $HTR published an updated roadmap for $HTR this week. The roadmap and the above interview with Cointelegraph briefly propelled the altcoin to the price of one dollar. The expected correction has Hathor currently trading in the 70 cent range. Many are comparing this altcoin to Polka Dot. During the downturn last week as many altcoins decreased in value Hathor remained strong fueling the speculation that this is one to watch.

Hathor is currently available on the Kucoin exchange.

How To Exchange Your Steem

As many are cashing out of Steemit and moving to Hive, the Godex.io Exchange Tool is an easy way to exchange your Steem for Hive or many other cryptocurrencies. The Bittrex Steem Wallet has been down for maintenance for weeks so I’ve not been able to send and sell Steem at Bittrex.

The process is very simple. Enter the currency you are exchanging and the cryptocurrency you wish to receive. You will be prompted to enter your receiving wallet address. You will then be given a name to send the Steem to and a number to include in the memo. Stay on the site until your deposit and exchange is confirmed. I have found this one of the easiest ways to exchange one cryptocurrency for another.

Easy Tutorial on Moving Averages and RSI

Even if you’ve have little trading experience, understanding how to use a few simple tools can help you determine when a stock is looking bullish. The stock market has been so volatile in the wake of Covid-19 which makes it all the more important to understand and use tools such as RSI which is a great indicator of when a stock is either undersold or oversold. Opportunities do exist in this type of market if you know how to find them.

Te-Food (TFD)Tracing by Blockchain

TFD Te Food chart

Te-Food (TFD) has enjoyed recent gains as companies become more focused on contact tracing. Te-Food is known as a “farm to table” blockchain tracing system. The company was launched in 2016 in order to provide more transparency in the supply chain.

TFD has enjoyed daily gains ranging from 8% to as much as 38%. Te-Food is currently listed on the Kucoin exchange.

Marvell Continues to Rise as 5G Arrives

As more attention is focused on 5G Technology, Marvell continues to gain attention among the stocks to watch. The decision by some countries to ban Huawei from the 5G build has added an increased interest in Marvell (MRVL). 5G is a long term growth driver for Marvell with infrastructure product demand from large core markets.

Even during the downturn and financial chaos opportunities exist to make profits on the volatility of the market. I asked someone to explain 5G to me. He said, “Imagine you’re getting all of your internet and data services through a tiny straw. Now imagine that changes to the same services and data flowing to you like an ocean wave. That wave is 5G”.

Hive Ranks #9 In Most Active Blockchains

June 2 blockchain

Hive has moved up to number 9 in most active blockchains. Worth noting is the fact that Steem was always in the top 10 of most active blockchains, but has now completely dropped out of the top 10 list.

This report has added a new statistic called the Potential rating. This rating measures the ratio between blockchain activity and market cap in comparison to Bitcoin. The Potential rating for Hive is currently 1592.

Cardano Price Surges On News of Shelley Launch

Cardano up

Cardano (ADA) surged over 20% after founder, Charles Hoskinson, revealed the release date for project “Shelley” which will transform Cardano into a decentralized proof of stake network. The release date will be some time between the last day of June and the first week in July.
Cardano is an old altcoin by crypto standards. The development of Cardano began in 2015. The company raised over 60 million dollars in their ICO in 2017. The founder, Hoskinson, is also one of the founders of Ethereum.
When I first became interested in crypto, I was told to look at the teams behind the coin. A good team will eventually find their place in the right project. I’m just happy to be along for the ride.