Easy Tutorial on Moving Averages and RSI

Even if you’ve have little trading experience, understanding how to use a few simple tools can help you determine when a stock is looking bullish. The stock market has been so volatile in the wake of Covid-19 which makes it all the more important to understand and use tools such as RSI which is a great indicator of when a stock is either undersold or oversold. Opportunities do exist in this type of market if you know how to find them.

Marvell Continues to Rise as 5G Arrives

As more attention is focused on 5G Technology, Marvell continues to gain attention among the stocks to watch. The decision by some countries to ban Huawei from the 5G build has added an increased interest in Marvell (MRVL). 5G is a long term growth driver for Marvell with infrastructure product demand from large core markets.

Even during the downturn and financial chaos opportunities exist to make profits on the volatility of the market. I asked someone to explain 5G to me. He said, “Imagine you’re getting all of your internet and data services through a tiny straw. Now imagine that changes to the same services and data flowing to you like an ocean wave. That wave is 5G”.