Uphold App Announces New Interface

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Uphold App

The trading app, Uphold, announced a new interface for cryptocurrency trading. The Uphold app may be downloaded and used on both Android devices and Iphones. I think the most interesting aspect of this announcement is the app’s feature which allows you to “trade anything for anything”. Anyone who buys Altcoins knows the somewhat cumbersome process of purchasing Bitcoin or Ethereum and then using these to buy an altcoin like Steem, BAT, DASH or the dozens of other coins available on the market. Usually each transaction charges a small fee, so if you are buying a small amount your principle investment may be diminished by all of the fees.
Uphold is advertising a commission free trading app. We , of course, know that nothing is really free, but the Uphold pricing model will not charge the usual fees but will use a spread pricing of .5 to 1 percent for the ability to deposit fiat and buy up to 60 different cryptocurrencies. I think the ability to trade directly between so many altcoins should only encourage the purchase of more altcoins. Anything that makes the process easier is a move in the right direction.

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